Calling All Girls Ages 12-18 To Share Their Thoughts In A New Book…

A few days back I told you about Renee Rongen’s book Fundamentally Female that I learned about and have been enjoying since my pal B-Dubya gifted it to me.  Renee Rongen is working on another such book, but this time the content will be generated by girls ages 12-18.  The book is slated to be titled I’m a Girl…That’s Why.

The list of topics that submissions can be about is fairly extensive – essentially everything in the purview of a teenage girl’s life.  Plus, the expression can be written or artistic.  Just like the submissions in Fundamentally Female captured the essence of being female through words and art, this the book hopes to capture the essence of being a girl through the same format.

I love that girls will be given the opportunity to share themselves and their experiences through this book.  I think it will be powerful for both the writers and illustrators that make it into the book and for the girls who will read the book and be able to find their voices and acceptance through the expression of others.  Allowing girls to understand both the ways in which they are connected and the delights in their differences is essential to their strength as they grow into young women.

The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2013.  I am encouraging everyone who knows or works with girls ages 12-18 to ask them to submit something for consideration.  I hope that middle school and high school teachers will share this information with their female students and where appropriate, assign it as a class project.  I know that gender-specific projects may no longer be politically correct in some instances, but there must be places in every school district where this project can be promoted.