Go With The Flow Boys!

Cheyenne has little patience for moodiness in anyone other than herself.  Early on in our trip to Canada she felt obliged to share with me that when men in the family were moody they were “manstrating” or perhaps going through “manopause”.  I must tell you, I did laugh out loud at that.  I couldn’t help myself.  It just struck me as so funny. I know I should have said something mature and parent-like instead of laughing, but I didn’t.

Of course I repeated this little bit of Cheyenne wisdom to others with great glee over the next few weeks.  Not everyone was as amused with it as I was – particularly not the men.  Go figure.  Men don’t like being told they are being moody and they particularly don’t like labels that bear resemblance to women’s biological functions.

I found that to be very telling after having been asked repeatedly over my post-puberty lifetime whether I was on my period each time I was perceived to be moody.  And now that I am in the period of glorious change (also know as the unrelenting state of perimenopause) I am saddled with the assumption that I am prone to mood swings.  I have been subject to 40 years of moodiness labeling based solely on my body’s biology and now that Cheyenne has crafted a couple of words that might suggest that moodiness in men can also be labeled there is a sense of righteous indignation in the men so labeled???

My response to that – REALLY??!!  Men are going to wring their hands over that after all the things women have to go through?  Periods, cramps, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause – that is the reality of womenfolk.  Hormones up and down for decades causing a whole collection of maladies and enough money spent on feminine hygiene products through the years to have paid for the whole lot of us to spend a glorious two weeks in an Italian villa drinking fine wine with a bevy of young, tone, skilled Italian lovers.

You have a problem with the terms of the day gentlemen?  Well, you must be manstrating or maybe you are going through manopause, because we all know that moodiness is all about hormones right?  No…I am not bitter and I am not on my period (knock on wood that ship has sailed).  I am just ready for men to go with the flow the same way women have for centuries. 😉

Day one thousand five hundred and four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    I’m going to be giggling for days over those two terms (Manstrating and Manopause)! By Jove, I think the girl’s got something there! 😀

  2. tim haering

    My, Ms. C, you’re feisty tonight, like Moe giving Larry the double-fingered doink! YOU are all “IN your Face!” tonight. Well, I’ll begin with my slogan, which is much better with the graphic, which I cannot draw with a keyboard: Gender Tac-Toe: Nobody Wins.

    I’ll be the first to admit that women got the worst lot in life. Your list of daily and monthly woes are profound and undeniable. YOU have my endless admiration for every gracious day you suffer that lot. I only have this to say for us men: Imagine wanting something so bad you can barely contain yourself, but you can’t have it?

    I’ll state it plainly: We want sex so bad, so constantly, from virtually every woman we meet, but we are not allowed to take it. IMagine the frustration! For sex, most of us nearly starve every moment of every day. I say this to myself every week, now that I’m 56 and it don’t hurt quite so bad: It’s a darn good thing sex is non-nutritional. The way women desire sex is nothing like men. Nothing. While we cannot imagine living your lives, you cannot imagine living ours. We both got our curses/blessings.

    In a game of wits, in Gender Tac-Toe, Nobody Wins.

    “Do you want more sex, more comforting
    A little more foreplay and afterglow, let my people go
    Everybody wants peace on the earth, children sheltering
    Calling every man, every woman
    We’re gonna take control of our own bodies.” – “NO World Order,” Todd Rundgren

    Bless you for raising your voice. I am the Walrus, goo goo ga-joob!

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