Life-saving Innovation – Cars That Communicate With Each Other.

The power of technology is amazing, but even more amazing are the brains that dream up ways to harness technology for the good of mankind.  Every single day you can find news of such advancement, but some days the news is such that it affects us all.  Such is the case with the news out of University of Minnesota Duluth that professor Imran Hayee with his  his electrical engineering graduate students has created the technology that will allow cars to communicate with each other.  Oh yes, that is correct.  Via technology, travelers in congested areas will be alerted of obstacles and traffic challenges ahead of them from other cars.

Doesn’t it all sound so The Jetsons?  The use of technology to address challenges and create solutions has become a virtually unlimited world.  It really is true – if you can conceive it, you can create it.

The only challenge beyond that is to sell using it to the part of society that still owns VCRs and cassette players.  What???  You don’t still have these at your house??

But never fear, some technology moves forward whether folks are able to jump on the learning curve or not, and that my friends is a good thing.  Evolution is necessary and especially salient is evolution that enhances safety.  Communicating cars are on their way.  The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that performance standards be developed for the “connected vehicle” technology and are looking to make it a requirement for new vehicles in the not too distant future.  It is akin to crowdsourcing for cars – holy moly! 😉

It is believed that this advancement will garner more significant safety results than seat belts or air bags.  Indeed, experts estimate that this type of technology could potentially  prevent 80 percent of all accidents in the United States that do not involve impaired drivers.  Thank you to Professor Hayee and all the brilliant curious minds that create solutions that many of us could never even conceive.  Your efforts will save many thousands of lives into the future and will make communicating cars as commonplace as VCRs once were. 😉

Day one thousand five hundred and seventeen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    A PhD who uses “evolution” to describe technological progress? Technology does not evolve, it progresses, unfortunately to the point where it does just about everything for us. There is no Progress in evolution. Evolution describes a mutual influence of random genetic and environmental changes. Technological change happens by volition, our choice. We, flora and fauna alike, do not choose how we evolve.

    Of course I know that is not what you intended. By inspecific uses of specific terms confuses the public, who are woefully ignorant of Nature to begin with. Then maybe you’re not as PhD. I assumed you were since you teach college. But you could just be a retired govt bureaucrat loaded with practical knowledge of emergency preparedness. I just ask you be more careful with loaded words like “evolution.”

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