I Hear You Rachel Thomas…

Rachel Thomas wrote a letter to the editor of The Forum.  Well, she actually wrote an open letter to the impatient drivers that she would not allow to pass her on the right while she makes a left hand turn on 40th Avenue.  She explained that the reason that she does not hug the center line and allow folks to pass her on the right is because her young daughter’s car seat is on the passenger side and she doesn’t want folks squeezing past her at high speeds.  She worries about her daughter’s safety.

Good for you Rachel!  I don’t blame you for being concerned about your daughter’s safety.  When you consider the rate of speed folks travel on 40th coupled with the general level of distraction we are seeing in an alarming number of drivers, there is plenty of room for concern.

I drive home from Cheyenne’s school each morning from Veterans to 40th to Sheyenne.  That drive, particularly the Sheyenne stretch between 40th and I-94, is scary.  Folks are flying down that road and there is very little room for error with only one lane going in either direction.  Early in the week I saw a man coming toward me on a part of the road that curves a bit and noticed that he was looking down at what I surmise was his phone.  The recognition that he was not paying attention and could at any moment be coming at me head-on sent a chill down my spine.  Since then I have been searching for better routes to take Cheyenne home after school.  It is one thing if someone hits me while I am driving back home alone, but I don’t want me child to face any more risk than she has to.

So I hear you Rachel Thomas and I get where you are coming from.  Keep on doing what you are doing.  Let those who cannot wait have as big a fit as they would like.  At the end of the day, the important thing is that you and your daughter arrive where you are headed safe and sound.

Day one thousand five hundred and twenty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C