An Uncomfortable Separation…

My date book and I were separated today.  I unknowingly left it at home on my desk.  I was feeling confident and competent right up until the time that I figured out I didn’t have it with me.  Then my sense of confidence and competence eroded as I realized that my very scheduled life was primarily captured in my handy dandy paper date book.

Thankfully, all my meetings today were scheduled in my office.  I wasn’t exactly sure who to expect, but I knew folks were coming.   An odd phenomenon occurred with each of these meetings – even though I was off-balance because I did not know who was coming in, I was curiously exhilarated when folks came in.  Each person was a little surprise.

A number of students suggested that I store my calendar on my phone.  They thought I would be less likely to absentmindedly leave it at home.  But the fact is, I am typically more attached to my date book than my phone. We have an online calendaring program at NDSU that I could use to keep my meetings on, but it has always struck me as more work than notating meetings in my date book.

Sure, I know that I am a dinosaur in this day and age – paper and pen are old school tools.  But I am okay with being a dinosaur.  I don’t feel any need to be on the front end of the technology curve.  I still enjoy the comfort of having my date book in hand.  Well, at least on those days when I don’t forget it at home.  😉

Day one thousand five hundred and thirty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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