There Were No Losers…

My summer guilty pleasure came to an end this evening.  Yes, I spent the past few months as a devoted America’s Got Talent (AGT) fan.  I am a total sucker for shows like this.  I love the idea that regular folks get a shot at reaching their dreams via AGT.

Every season I have one or two favorites that make it to the finals.  This year I was torn between four acts in the finals – Cami Bradley, Taylor Williamson, Kenichi Ebina, and Collins Key.   I started watching the final show knowing that I would probably be happy about the winner with four of the six acts being at a dead heat in my estimation.  And I was not disappointed as Kenichi walked away with the million dollar prize.  I was also happy that quirky little Taylor came in second.

But here’s the thing – none of those folks lose.  They all had national exposure and amassed hundreds of thousands of fans.  They all got an incredible opportunity that will move them closer to their dreams.  They may not all get one million dollars, but there is no doubt that they are all winners.

Now its time to get ready for The Voice which starts next week.  More folks with more dreams for me to root for from my sofa at home.  Yes, I am a sap for this stuff, but I am guessing from the ratings of these shows that I am not the only one. 😉

Day one thousand five hundred and thirty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C