Apparently My Birthday Came Early This Year…

Cheyenne talked me into buying Taco Bell for dinner.  Normally I would object, but we had a strenuous shopping engagement at JC Penney and my resistance was worn down. So I capitulated to a fast food dinner.

We went through the drive through and upon arriving at the window and paying the middle-aged man at the window, he gave me extra change and said, “I gave you the young person’s discount.”  I did not really understand what he was talking about, but I smiled and thanked him nonetheless.  As we waited for our food, Cheyenne said, “Mom, I think that guy likes you – like he thinks your hot.”  Well, of course I entertained her interpretation of the situation.  That lasted for all of ten seconds until I looked at the receipt.

Therein was the answer to the mystery of why I received the “young person discount” – but it wasn’t called exactly that – it was called the “senior discount.”  I must be mellowing as I age as I laughed out loud at this little interaction.  An earlier interaction at Perkins about a year ago wherein I was incorrectly labeled as a senior menu candidate wasn’t accepted with the same level of levity.

Apparently my birthday came early this year.  I will be the infamous 55 this upcoming July, but lucky me – I am already reaping the benefits.  Sure it was only 90 cents – but I guess it is better than nothing.

Once I clued in Cheyenne to the real meaning behind the “young person discount” she thought that I should give him back the money with an air of righteous indignation and tell him that I was not old enough to receive such a discount.  I just let it stand without additional comment.  My righteous indignation is better saved for something that is outrageous – me looking like I am within reach of senior discount age isn’t too far off from reality.  Indeed, it is only 10 months off.

So, thanks Taco Bell guy for giving me the “young person discount” – I know you had good intentions.  Please don’t be offended when I don’t return to Taco Bell again for many months (10 to be exact).  I think I’ll try and wait until I am officially eligible for the senior discount before I get it again.  Having someone indirectly call you a senior citizen one time is acceptable and even laughable, but I surmise it might get less funny if it happened repeatedly before I actually arrived at the double nickels.

I am going to give myself 10 more months of believing I still look younger than my age.  And after that anyone and everyone who wants to lie to me about how much younger than my age I look is encouraged to do so.   I am sure the day will come when I ask for my entitled senior discount, it just isn’t today. 😉

Day one thousand five hundred and thirty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    The late, great Stephen Jay Gould once described the most successful in a species as those individuals who retain more of the qualities of youth. You strike me, from my brief acquaintance with your column, as a very successful individual. If LIfe offered a “young person’s discount,” you’d get it. You say it’s your birthday. IT’s my birthday, too, yeah.

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