Think About The Life You Are Willing To Exchange For It…

Some of my students dreamed up the term “CAROL-ING” to denote when a person is worrying about risk.  It is a backhanded homage to me, but I’ll accept it graciously if it means that they are using my name to herald the behavior.  I do lecture them endlessly about risk – it is part of my job after all. 😉

One of my most often lectured topic these days is texting and driving.  It is just so very dangerous. I frequently remind my students that such behavior can have deadly consequences and can result in criminal charges.  Unfortunately, there are always incidents that I can point to as examples of what this dangerous behavior produces.

The recent charging of a local young man from Kindred who was involved in an auto accident where a Casselton man died is yet another sad incident that is being attributed to texting and driving.  One life lost and another forever changed – all for a text message.  It is a tragedy all the way around.

I see folks texting and driving every single day.  These folks apparently do not understand  the inherent risk in this behavior.  Everyone who texts and drives should be made to visit the families of people who have lost loved ones due to this behavior.  After that they should go visit the person whose texting took another’s life – that may be a jail visit.  The bottom line – before you read or send another text while driving think about the life you are willing to exchange for it – be it your own or someone else’s life.  It is not worth it.  Stop the madness…stop texting and driving.

Day one thousand five hundred and forty-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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