The Non-passage Penalty – Starting At $13,375,000 A Day.

Well, our government is partially shutdown today because we have legislators that have not been able to come to a majority consensus.  It does not imbue me with confidence that these folks are running the country.  Indeed, it makes me want to march straight to Washington and say, “WTF??!!”

I am sick of politics as usual.  All the posturing and digging-in of heels is out of control.  I don’t care what party you lean toward – the losers in this cross party lines – the losers are the American people.

This madness has to end.  It is time for Congress to get a wake-up call.  I would suggest that such a wake-up call be akin to a blaring trumpet two inches away from the ears of members of Congress.  The message yo Congress must be loud and clear – the American people have had it with all the schoolyard bickering.

So here is a thought – let’s start charging Congress a penalty for every single day that they don’t do their job.  Seeing as keeping the government running is a fairly fundamental part of their responsibility, I say lets have a daily non-passage penalty.  I think a nice $25,000 penalty a day per member of Congress would be a good start.  The fee would have to be paid for out of their own pocket, not their war chest funds.  Their inaction must have a cost that they feel in their wallets.

Every day – $25,000 multiplied by 535 members of Congress.  That is a lot of money – a cool $13,375,000 a day.  If they don’t pass it after three days the penalty is doubled.  Three more days and it is tripled.  I imagine it would not take long for them to all come together if they knew it was going to cost them if they did not. Party ideology is all well and fine, but money is the true religion of many of these folks.  I am okay with the thought that their come to Jesus moments will be prompted by their dwindling bank accounts.

All the non-passage penalty fees could go into a fund and could be used to give Americans (with the exception of members of Congress) tax rebates.  That way the American public at least would have the satisfaction of getting a check to spend while they waited for the opportunity to bounce the bozos out in the next election.  After all, who gets to keep a job that they do not do effectively??  Not regular folks like you and me, that’s for sure!

So sound off folks – let your legislators know that you have had it and that it is time for them to carry the burden of not doing their job.  Tell them to get out their checkbooks and to start paying the penalty.  This is our country and we need to put our collective foot down!

Day one thousand five hundred and forty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    Nice plan. I little usurious, but it’s only a dream, so why not gouge the bums? But it would be harder to pass than the vaunted “clean CR” for the House GOP or the ACA defunding plan for the Dems. Congress must pass sanctions on itself, and they couldn’t even pass a pay suspension for failure to pass a budget on time. How will they agree to give back their entire year’s paycheck for 2 weeks of egregious malingering? WHy not put them all in stocks on the South lawn and tickle their noses with eagle feathers.

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