Here I Come Adulthood!

When I purchased my Hyundai Tiburon close to ten years ago I did so because I loved it. When I learned about the great warranty Hyundai offers (5/60 bumper to bumper and 10/100 drivetrain) I used it as a validation that I had made a good choice.  For all the years since I drove out of the dealership I have been the envy of teenage boys at many a stop light and fast food restaurant.  My little Tiburon never was a family car – it was a Carol car plain and simple.

And oh how I have loved my little Tiburon.  It has been a delight through all these days.  Alas, it has not always been practical.  A low profile car and a handful of inches of snow on the ground just don’t mix all that well.  I did become fairly proficient over the years with navigating winter weather in the Tiburon.  But after the last three or four winters I have said, “Next year I am going to buy a car that is better suited for winter travel.”

Well last night I finally made good on that statement and purchased a new vehicle that is better able to handle winter travel.  The thing is, this vehicle I only considered because of the warranty and it will not likely be the envy of any teenage boys.  Yes – it is true – I purchased a grown-up vehicle for grown-up reasons. Who knew it would come to this?  I have become a responsible citizen.

I decided on a Kia Sorento.  Kia carries the same fabulous warranty that Hyundai carries.  Of course I like the Sorento for more than its warranty.  It is a great SUV for a reasonable price.  With a higher clearance, V6 engine, and All Wheel Drive, I am thinking I am ready for this winter.

This was my first interaction with the Kia dealership.  They are crammed into a tight little lot down in that saturated dealership strip between 13th and Main.  Kia of Fargo takes the “best price” approach which is a no haggle approach.  It is what it is.  That takes some of the fun out of it if you enjoy wearing down salespeople until they will give you the car just to get you off the lot.  I liked the “best price” approach – I don’t want to monkey around.  I want to get in and out with as little ambiguity as possible.

I must say, the salesman I dealt with – Rod Bjerke – was absolutely fabulous.  I strongly recommend him to those considering a Kia.  He struck me as the most forthright car salesman I have ever met.  He also had a healthy dollop of charm and good cheer – just an all around nice guy.  That is the type of person I want to interact with when I am making a major purchase.  I would buy another vehicle from him in a New York minute.

So, the news from here – is I have moved into adulthood…well, sort of.  I still have the Tiburon – I am not ready to part with it just yet.  Some love affairs go on for many years…this may very well be one of them. 😉

Day one thousand five hundred and forty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    Congratulations! I love SUVs and vans and the color is gorgeous!
    Oh–and good luck with the “adulthood” thing. 😀

  2. tim haering

    The THiburon is dead, long live the Sorrento. I’m a KIa Soul man myself. I’d own one if only it got 40 MPG. You were looking for a snow car, I want an efficient one. But all the cars I like get the same mileage my 1994 PLymouth Colt Vista gets. Why buy a new one, suffer the monthly payments and insurance hikes? How did your insurance change after buying an adult car? Of course, women get better insurance rates to begin with, as actuaries assume that men have the lead feet. The irony. LOL. It’s the women who buy the pocket rockets. Anyhow, I don’t really have anything to say but congratulations and many safe and happy miles. Nice road car for your next Canadian adventure.

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