Red Betty…

I was skimming the clearance aisle on a few days ago and I ran across a familiar product – Betty dye. I became acquainted with Betty dye a couple of years back in a Prevention magazine article and shared it in a blog post (see Does the carpet match the drapes? ).  I had a bit of a giggle when I saw that the only color on clearance was red.

Let me be clear, I have never used Betty and I can’t imagine I ever would. But if I ever did, I would not choose the patriotic red color that is now on clearance.  That red is like God Bless America red.  It is the type of red you should wear on Fourth of July, except not there…that is not where one should display their patriotism.  There is something patently wrong with that in my estimation.  Well, maybe if your spouse or partner serves in the military and is returning from a really long deployment – maybe then it has some limited logic.

Love Betty Color For Hair Down There, Semi-Perm Color Red

I ask you, would you – could you – walk around all day knowing that this is under your clothes?  What if you got in an accident?  What if they took you to the hospital and folks took in your bright red Betty color? Would you blush?

Here is the product overview on

Love. 1-2+ applications. Color for the hair down there. Specially formulated for the hair down there! Indie beauty award winner. Love is a red, red rose! It’s five-alarm passion! Celebrate! Specially formulated color for the hair down there. Love Betty is your hearts desire in a box. Safe, no drip formula with natural ingredients. Oh Scarlett, you do give a damn! Get your Betty ready! Instructions Translated: Espanol; Francais; Italiano; Deutsch; Nederlands. Made in the USA.

Did you catch that?  “Love Betty is your hearts desire in a box.”  That sounds wrong to me on a number of fronts, but far be it for me to question their marketing.  I guess the fact that it is on clearance for $8.99 says an awful lot.  But make no mistake, only one of the colors is on clearance.  There are many other colors selling just fine – bright colors like pink and purple.

Apparently, there are some folks sporting a little more color than others.  Betty products are being purchased and used by consumers – heck, the instructions are in six languages.  I wonder if the red sold better in France or Italy than it did here…on second thought, never mind, I don’t want to wonder about such things.  No matter the color – I don’t want to be thinking about what is under other folks’ clothes.  Excuse me – I need to go scrub my brain now of this whole red Betty reflection. 😉

Day one thousand five hundred and forty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C