Where Is Your Mama Miley?

I must confess, I don’t really keep up with all the entertainment news.  Often, it is not until entertainment news hits mainstream distribution that I have any inkling of what stars are doing to themselves and others.  As such, the whole Miley twerking thing was something I heard about only after it blew up to the point that the image of Miley bent over with her tongue hanging out was everywhere.  Still, it only garnered a moment’s attention from me.  I can’t say that I am a Miley fan, so what Miley does, and has done in the past, has historically been of little interest to me.

However, when I caught wind of Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to Miley via a friend’s Facebook post I started paying attention in earnest.  Sinead wrote the letter after Miley had mentioned in the press that she modeled one of her recent videos on Sinead’s earlier work.  I  leave it to you to read Sinead’s letter (linked above), but here is the gist: Miley you don’t have to be naked and nasty to get attention – don’t be the tool of the male-driven music industry that will use you up and spit you out – you are better than that – your talent is better than that.  I thought Sinead’s letter was thoughtful and caring. It had a supportive big sister ring to it.  Alas, that is not how Miley took it…or some others.  The letter has been said by some to be slut-shaming because it is holding Miley to a societal double standard that is unfair to women.  As for Miley’s comments back to Sinead, they have been a series of mocking jabs at Sinead’s prior mental health problems.

Well, those comments irritated Sinead quite a bit and now the original effort by Sinead to show care, concern, and support for Miley has escalated to an all-out war of words.  And it isn’t just Sinead who is firing back about Miley’s mental health attack, it is pretty much anyone with half a brain who realizes that mental health issues should not be stigmatized this way.

In the midst of all of this comes more provocative photos of Miley who wants to make it clear she is no longer the adorable little Hannah Montana from her younger years.  Well, Miley – no worries, it is abundantly clear that Hannah Montana has left the building.  Unfortunately, so too have your decency and civility. To the casual outside observer – that would be me – it looks like you are out of control…a train barreling down the track with no brakes…a wreck in the making.  Of course you have plenty of folks’ attention, but for all the wrong reasons.  It strikes me as a bit of a sad commentary on how isolated and insulated you can become when you live your life in a fish bowl.

I wonder – where is your mama in all of this? I would be beside myself if you were my daughter.  Have you had to medicate her to keep her from marching onstage and covering you up with a robe?  Was she told to butt out because you are an “adult” now and you don’t think your mama’s opinions have value?

Or, is your mama on-board with all this behavior? Is she oblivious to the potential cost of this? Is she more interested in the money you are making by garnering folks’ voyeuristic attention?  Does she not understand that you are becoming more interesting as a train wreck than a young artist with talent? Is she benefiting financially from all of this?  Really Miley – what is going on that is keeping your mama from stepping in and reining in this hot mess?

At this point, I mostly feel sorry for you Miley – clearly, you are not getting the type of loving guidance you need from those close to you and you rebuked Sinead’s attempt to help you.  I don’t think all this behavior is going to ultimately take you where you want to go.  You are on folks’ radar now because they are watching in anticipation of the fiery crash that they believe is coming.  What a shame.

You really should re-read Sinead’s letter Miley and take it to heart.  She’s right – you are better than this…indeed, all women are better than this.  At least that is what this mama thinks.

Day one thousand five hundred and forty-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    Where indeed IS the mama in all of this?! I haven’t seen any pictures of Miley and Mom out clubbing together (ala the Lohan ‘girls’), but she seems to be suspiciously absent. I thought the original Sinead letter was totally kind and full of common sense. Miley’s reply was absolutely hateful. Train wreck ahead for sure.

  2. Katherine Grandstrand

    Her mom was pretty present in the documentary that aired on MTV Wednesday… she was in the car at the VMAs, at practice for public events, etc… not that she has control over Miley’s social media accounts, but she’s there.

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