Mr. Booker Goes To Washington!

Many of you may not recognize the name Cory Booker.  Cory Booker is the Mayor of Newark and newest Senator-elect out of New Jersey.  Cory is the type of politician we could use an awful lot more of in this country.  He follows the old school model of politics – serving your constituents.  That is not the norm any longer in our society.  Politicians serve themselves more than they serve us.  They seek money, power, and status for themselves while the folks whose interests they are supposed to be looking out for – the folks who most need a government that is for the people – folks like you and me – are struggling in an America that looks less and less like the Land of Opportunity we used to believe in.

I caught my first glimpse of Cory Booker when he was on Oprah’s show many years ago.  At that time, Cory struck me as a fairly young and idealistic new mayor with lots of great ideas and an abundance of enthusiasm.  As the years passed I would hear snippets about Cory’s latest projects and initiatives and smile at how refreshing his approach and level of commitment was.  My favorite Cory undertaking of recent was when he undertook the week-long challenge to live off a $30 a week food budget to show how challenging it is for food stamp recipients who receive that amount.  That is my kind of mayor.  He made me want to move to Newark so that I could work with him.  He is the kind of politician who can inspire real folks to engage in their government.

I wasn’t all that surprised when Cory won the Senate seat that opened up when Frank Lautenberg died.  He had already announced his interest in a potential Senate campaign in 2014 prior to Lautenberg’s death.  I may not have had the luxury of moving to Newark, but I have been keeping up with Cory’s activities on Facebook for awhile now (he always has great quotes and other inspirational items posted there as well – check it out).

If you are just starting to hear about Cory Booker I would encourage you to check out his Wiki page.  It is well-done and gives you a decent summary of Cory’s path thus far in politics.  You can bet you will hear an awful lot about Cory now that he is on his way to Washington.  This young man, is going places.

I can predict now, without any reservations, that Cory Booker will be President of the United States before his political career is over.  My guess is that we’ll see him run in 2020.  And I, for one, cannot wait!  I like what Cory stands for and his track record in Newark.  I will be watching the trail he blazes in Washington.  I believe he is the most promising young politician in the country presently and will actively carve out a new landscape for folks like you and me every day he serves in the Senate.

There is hope my friends.  All we need is a few dozen more politicians like Cory on both sides of the aisle – politicians who are there to serve the American people.  I hate to speak too soon, but I dare say that change is afoot…and change has a name – Senator Booker.  😉

Day one thousand one hundred and five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    I too have been very impressed with Mayor/Senator Booker and never thought to check for a Facebook page. I just today made that same prediction about him as a future President–just a solid gut feeling. Thanks for the links!

  2. tim haering

    Booker is a Randian pursuing his self-interest. Helping others is a part of his self-interest, a means to his end. But he is an opportunist. And his self-interest comes sharper to view in his run for US Senate, because he can do more for people as a mayor than as a back-bench-ator among 535 in Congress. Serving the greater glory …

    “Well they say your folks are telling you be a super star, But I tell you just be satisfied, stay right where you are.”

    Hey, Bungalow BIll, what did you kill?

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