My Anticipatory Squint…

I have no appetite for blood and gore.  As such, I avoid it.  That includes avoiding it in movies, in photos on the internet, and on television.  It used to be a lot easier to avoid this type of thing, but with the advent of television shows that aim for greater realism in blood and gore abound.

Sure, I avoid the shows that I know will be truly gory, but there are some shows I watch that have occasional moments of gore. So I do what any grown up like me does in such a situation – I close my eyes.  I don’t need the imprints of those images in my mind.  Things like that, well they stay in my mind’s eye and then they end up in nightmares.  And here is the thing with nightmares – you can’t just close your eyes.  Nightmares are in your brain.

So I close my eyes so that I can get beyond any blood and gore in shows like Chicago Fire and The Blacklist – I close my eyes so I can enjoy the story lines in these shows. And when I am not sure if something gross is coming, but I suspect it may be – well, then I have an anticipatory squint I use.  When I am already squinting, full closure can be accomplished more quickly.  Oh yes, I have my protective measures down.

Cheyenne likes to remind me that the blood and gore in television shows and movies is all fake.  She cannot fathom why her pistol of a mother closes her eyes for fake images on television shows.  She views this as a completely illogical reaction on my part.

Fortunately, I have no shame in my game.  I do not care if other people think I am a goober – I know my limits.  Make no mistake about it – with my approach, I sleep just fine thank you. 😉

Day one thousand one hundred and eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C