Until Next Year…

Another IAEM Conference comes to an end and another week of memories have been created.  Every year, in addition to seeing old friends, I get the pleasure of visiting with colleagues from around the world and making new friends.  It is heartening to be amongst so many folks who fight the good fight day-in and day-out to keep communities, businesses, and organizations safe.  It is a reminder of why we work so hard at NDSU to further the professionalization of the field and the development of the discipline. And even as it drains all the battery power I have through a hectic week, it also recharges my batteries for the work I will undertake over the year to come.

But thank goodness it is only a short week.  The conference pace is far from leisurely.  There is so much to squeeze into a relatively short span of time and so many conversations to have.  I do what I can in the time I have and then I have to resign myself to continuing those conversations at a later date.

But it is back to real life on, of all days, Halloween.  No costume for me this year as I am fairly sure TSA does not smile upon such things.  Instead I share with you a photo of a pumpkin carved by my friend Chris Schraders of New Zealand who wasn’t here in Reno with us this past week.  This photo reminds me that whether we are physically together or not, we can remain connected with those we value.  So until next year or whenever…I say to all my friends, family, and colleagues – thank you for what you bring to my life.  My world would not be the magical place it is without you.


Day one thousand two hundred and sixteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    I totally recognize the face of that jack-o-lantern. It’s Jack-o Skellington. Thanks for all the things you share with us. Bless your heart! May your battery grow in capacity as it re-charges. Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! LOL. I’ve wanted to shout that again for about 40 years.

    Semolina pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower.
    Elementary penguin singing Hari Krishna.
    Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.
    I am the eggman, They are the eggmen.
    I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob

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