What happened to Big Lots?

Apparently I missed a local memo.  As such, can someone tell me when Big Lots closed?  I went by there today and but for a few items left in the store it is empty.  Hauntingly empty.

It seems to me that I was there not all too long ago and saw no indication that business was anything other than usual.  Of course, business there was never what I would call robust. There never seemed to be more than a dozen or so shoppers in the store at any given time.  Every time I went there I wondered how they kept the doors open with such little traffic.  But they did keep the doors open and the shelves were always stocked.

I searched the local newspaper for news about the closure but found nothing.  I thought perhaps I had missed some news while I was gone that would explain what happened. I am left with trying to garner insight from area locals who may have some idea of when this all occurred and whether the store is closed for good in the West Fargo area or if it is relocating.  So please chime in if you are in the know about what is happening with Big Lots.  When did all of this happen and will they be relocating?

I always get a bit nervous when area businesses close.  Our local folks work in these places and when things close like this, these folks’ lives are disrupted.  That is never a good thing, but is most certainly not a good thing as we move into the holiday season.  I hope Big Lots is reopening somewhere else.  If not, I hope the folks who worked there were able to get the first jump on the seasonal positions opening up.  There has to be some balance in the universe in situations like this.

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2 Responses to What happened to Big Lots?

  1. Laura Ronngren says:

    It’s last day open was last week Saturday (Nov 2nd). Aparently it was due to a “corporate realignment”. Check out this blog post: http://grandforkslife.blogspot.com/2007/03/big-lots-closing-due-to-corporate.html

  2. Veronica says:

    The lease was purchased by Marshall’s department store and will be opening as a Marshall’s soon. The former Old Navy building will be a Home Goods store.

    Big Lots clearanced out all merchandise and is not relocating.

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