They Are The Patriots…

This day, and every day, I bow my head in a silent prayer of thanks for veterans.  They are the ones who were willing to give everything they have to defend the ideals of this country.  They are the ones who have illustrated with their actions what service, sacrifice, honor, and commitment mean.  They are the brave, the scarred, the battle weary…they are the patriots that have defended the United States of America without regard for themselves.

God bless the veterans. By virtue of what they have given over hundreds of years,  I can live today in a country that embraces and fiercely protects democracy and individual freedoms.  In this country I can express myself, share my ideas, choose my religion, and live without fear of tyranny.  I have never known anything but this life, in large part because it has been protected by the men and women who bravely enter the fray on the behalf of the United States of America.

I ask that you too bow your head today and every day in a silent prayer of thanks for veterans who have given so much of themselves for the benefit of us all.  And if you happen upon a veteran – today, tomorrow, or any day – tell them thank you for what they committed to on behalf of this country.  Their cause is noble, but all too often forgotten in the daily comings and goings of life.  We can never forget their sacrifice on behalf of this country, to do so would be to dishonor and devalue the tenets this country holds dear and all those who have stood in defense of those tenets.

Day one thousand two hundred and twenty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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