Let The Debates Begin…

My daughter Cheyenne has decided to join the high school debate team.  I am excited about this.  And I am also a little bit afraid.

I am excited because I think it will be a great growth experience for her.  I am a little bit afraid because she already is quite the debater at home and her acquiring more skills may not be the best thing for my patience. Ah, but such is the case with children’s growth – they learn to push their limits and in doing so they may necessarily push yours.

So let the debates begin and send calming influences my way…yes, that’s right – send wine, chocolate, and lots of Calgon.  And perhaps a nice pair of ear plugs for all the times she gets a mind to try and use those debate skills to make the case for overriding her mother’s authority.  Yeah, send a lot of wine. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and thirty of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

2 Responses

  1. tim haering

    Cheyenne sounds like hair of the dog that bit your mother. Go, Cheyenne! As for patience in a bottle, something balanced and grapey. This time of year, Beaujolais nouveau is boldly personable. French version is a little too pricey, but Charles Shaw makes a great CA Gamay NOuveau. And you’re close enough to WI, WOllersheim makes a ruby nouveau. Good luck. Learn something.

  2. B-dubya

    “Cheyenne sounds like hair of the dog that bit your mother. ”
    Tim, you beat me to it! 😀 Some time ago, Ms. C shared a term that is probably quite fitting in this scenario: I think she will now learn the true meaning of “karmucked”. And for some reason I believe she will enjoy it in some perverse (but enlightened) way. Such is the life of mothers–by example we teach our children to be strong and spunky and fierce and then find out that we are to be their practice material.
    Never a dull moment! 😀

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