Two Colds And Dozens To Go?

I am now on my second head cold this semester.  The first one held on tight for about a week.  The second one has been trying to take me out for the past two weeks.  I have blown enough mucus out of my nose to fill my body from head to toe – twice.  And still, it just keeps coming.  I wonder where the heck it is coming from.  I also wonder if I lose a pound or two after constant nose-blowing day after day.  Surely, I have blown out enough to affect my BMI.

The first cold I got from Mike.  This one came from my grandson Lennon.  As parents and grandparents are aware, daycare centers are hot beds of disease and what the kids get the family gets.  And while I may be able to keep Mike at a respectable distance when he is ill and a germ-fest, I cannot do the same with Lennon.  You see, he needs his grandma even more when he is sick.

So, here I am on day 15 of this cold with no signs of it abating.  Some days are better than others.  The past few days have been about the worst.  My head has been completely stuffed even though I am constantly blowing my nose (I do not understand the science of this – I think if it goes out there should be less in there and that is that).   This cold has made me almost entirely useless.

But it occurred to me today that such a cold must be particularly difficult for little ones who cannot share how they feel using words.  I can articulate my discomfort – and articulate I do (albeit, the folks I live with call it “whining”).  But the little ones just suffer through it all with a whimper.  A cold that goes on for over two weeks is categorically a crappy cold.  It affects your sleep, ability to function, appetite, and attitude.  The poor little ones must depend on their parents to understand what will help them feel better as they weather the illness.

Lennon is already over his cold.  Unfortunately, there is always something else on the horizon at the daycare center.  Pediatricians now regularly tell parents of young children in daycare that they should just expect that their child will be sick quite regularly for five years.  Poor little ones – and poor parents.  Five years is a long time to deal with one illness after another.

As for me, if I still have this cold next week at this time, I am buying stock in Kleenex.  I probably should do so regardless as Lennon is 17 months old and I am in for 3 1/2 more years of this.  Yet even if I go through a thousand boxes of tissues, it is okay because there really is nothing better than spending time with little kids (sick or not) – especially ones that call you grandma. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and thirty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C