Art Inspires Life And Life Inspires Art.

I stumbled across Lora Zombie’s art last week and became enamored with it.  Her art is wildly unconventional and incredibly odd. I ordered two of her prints straight away even though I have no idea where I will put them  in my world of over occupied walls.  But when I ordered them I did not care what it would take to find these prints a place in my space, all I knew was that I had to have them. Hence, I may need to add on to the house.  It is my pattern and practice to surround myself with things I love and just because I find new things I love does not mean I let go of any of my other treasured items.  Some may call this hoarding, I call it loyalty and affection. 😉

The two prints I purchased by Zombie are below.  The first with the birds is symbolic for me in a number of ways.  The choice of birds to symbolize ideas taking flight, the hands covering the eyes as if to hide, and the curiosity of still peeking through the gaps between the fingers – this piece is about as close to a portrait of who I am as I have ever seen.  I am the shy but curious girl with thousands of ideas and I identify with the power, freedom, and frailty of birds as a metaphor for ideas.

The second print mesmerizes me because it is – in image – a rewrite of a classic story.  Little Red Riding Hood in the classic story is portrayed as vulnerable and naive.  In Zombie’s print she is a take no prisoners warrior.  I am not a fan of guns or killing or wolves, but I feel this message of power and ownership over one’s own destiny right down to my toes when I look at this print.

Two very different prints, yet they both carry a meaning that speaks to me.  They may not speak to others in the same ways that they speak to me – that is the beauty of art.  The value lies in the interpretation of the viewer.  And the interpretations we have say an awful lot about who we are and how we view the world.  Lora Zombie is not your run of the mill artist.  She is deviant, bizarre, and brilliant in ways that some might find uninspiring or even a little creepy.  But in her work I see pieces of myself and it makes me happy to have these two prints become part of my world.  It is said that art inspires life and life inspires art.  It does indeed. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and thirty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    great art! First reminds me of Escher, though very little Escherian about it. Not cerebral and not about futility. Second reminds me of Ralph Steadman, the angle and ink blots. I Love to collect art too, but I only buy original oil or acrylic on canvas. So, you can imagine how much space there is on my poor walls. YOU may have to start a trend of art in the closer or on the ceiling. LOL. Good luck.

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