Attitude Of Gratitude…

I would like to extend my thanks to all the readers of The New Forty today for their support and contribution to this blog and to me personally.  To you, dear readers, I extend my warmest wishes for a day filled with family, friends, and gratitude.  May your Thanksgiving be a day filled with all the customs, people, and food you cherish.

I know that in the busy comings and goings of our daily lives we often are so focused on what we have to do or where we have to be that we don’t have the luxury of dwelling quietly in a place of gratitude for what we have.  Such is the nature of life these days.  I am reminded of the practice of daily prayers at meals or bedtime back in the days when I was young, those were purposeful efforts to stop daily and acknowledge our gratitude.  It was a time to be thankful for that which you were blessed to have.

In current days, the focus has moved toward moments of quiet contemplation or meditation whenever one can take the time for them.  The truly zen amongst us integrate this attitude into their daily lives in a way that it is woven through all of their interactions and activities.  I am not amongst the zen, but I do strive to maintain an attitude of gratitude every day.  Some days it is more evident than others.  But one thing I recognize every single day is the level of fortune I have in my life by virtue of the people I am privileged to know, love, and spend time with.  There are always reasons for gratitude in the moments – just being alive for the moment is one of them – you just have to frame your mind to see them.

So today I acknowledge that I am ever so grateful for all the things I am blessed to have – my health, my family, my friends, a warm home, a job I love, a life in a great North Dakota community, the opportunity to contribute through service in my field, a summertime garden, and a venue (a.k.a. – my blog) within which I can share my thoughts and experiences with others as part of our collective human experience.  I am blessed – this I know.  For all of you I wish that you too will recognize your blessings and find your happiness in what you have – today and every other day of your lives.

Happy Thanksgiving all! 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and forty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    One of the things I’m most thankful for is the “be thankful” household I grew up in, thanks to our mother. We must have heard the phrase “be thankful” half a dozen times a day, usually in response to our grumbling or whining about one thing or another (as kids will do). I recall one time when I was a teenager, complaining that “life is NOT fair”. Her response was “You can be thankful that life isn’t fair. If life was fair, it might be your turn to live in a wheelchair.” I think we were well into our 30’s before we realized that materially we had actually been very poor growing up.

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