Travel Smarter – There’s An App For That.

Well, apparently winter has arrived.  Our extended vacation from snow is over.  It is time to break out the winter gear and prepare ourselves for the dangerous conditions that winter can bring.  It is time to be more alert to travel advisories and road conditions.

I know some folks are delighted when winter rolls around each year and settles in with a nice thick coat of snow, but I am not one of them.  I do not despise winter, but I would like it to be shorter and milder.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I would be delighted if we could skip right from fall to spring. I am not a fan of ice, snow, and temperatures that can kill you.

But this is North Dakota and winter here is inevitable. So I do what I have to do to keep myself and my family safe – to include staying on top of weather forecasts and road conditions.  I believe that information gives you the power to make smarter decisions.

I used to do all my travel research at home on my computer, but now with smartphone apps I can access the information wherever I am at.  I am particularly thrilled to have the ND Roads and Minnesota 511 apps this winter that I can access from wherever I am at.  Those apps allow you to access everything from accident locations to cameras that provide live feed of current conditions in different areas.

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The best thing about these apps though is the statement they provide when users access the app – they ask users to agree not to use the app while driving.  I LOVE THAT!  The app is to help keep you safe, not to create additional hazards.

So get ready folks with your winter arsenal and emerge on the other side of our winter months safe and sound. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and forty-nine of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    I haven’t shoveled snow since 2003. I miss it still. It was good exercise and a clear driveway gave me great gusts of satisfaction. I cleared snow like Jimmy Connors used to cover a tennis court. Then I moved to Atlanta and then to the land of Weather Weanies [CA], where snow is January’s dandruff on Mt. Diablo’s shoulders. Like MacArthur, I will, someday, return to the land of the ice and snow, of the midnight sun, where the hot spring flow. Oops, channeling Zep there.

    Show me round your snow peaked mountain way down south
    Take me to you daddy’s farm
    Let me hear you balalaikas ringing out
    Come and keep your comrade warm

    Obla di obla da, that’s the most relevant Beatle lyric I can conjure. Good luck with your snow. Wish I could help. Drive safe.

  2. Sheri

    I’d like it more (or dislike it less) if it didn’t always have to start out with freezing rain first – to get that nice treacherous undercoat lying in wait beneath the snow.

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