My Christmas Wish For Gene Taylor…

I live with a BIG Bison football fan.  By that I mean that he is both physically big – 6’3″ – and he breathes, eats, and sleeps Bison football.  Hence, the singular topic of discussion in our household since last night is the news that Craig Bohl is leaving NDSU to go to Wyoming.

In Bison football land this is HUGE news.  Bohl and his coaching staff are viewed as critical components of NDSU’s football program’s success.  Now Bohl is leaving and is said to be potentially taking a number of the coaching staff with him.  According to Bohl he has done all he can do here.  That is true, he has hit the top with the football team.  NDSU now holds back-to-back national championships and are salivating over a third.  He wants the challenge of building up another team.  I can understand that.

And then there is the money.  According to my BIG Bison fan, Bohl will be making about four times what he makes here when he moves over to Wyoming.  Bohl’s window of opportunity to garner the highest possible football coaching salary is wide open and it really was of no surprise to any of the Bison faithful that he would entertain offers that allowed him to advance his career goals.  Of course they didn’t think he would land in Wyoming – they thought he would go somewhere bigger and bolder.  But I understand this choice because when you marry big money with what you know you do well the decision becomes a no-brainer.  Had he moved to a bigger university that already had success he wouldn’t be working his same model of success.

And so it is…the Bohl era is over.  Life will go on at NDSU.  Eventually, we will start to discuss other things in this household again.  Eventually.

As for me, I think a team’s success is comprised of 90% heart and determination and I am confident that the team will retain that moving forward.  I view Bohl’s success as being, in large part, finding the sweet spot with just the right team, just the right level of university support, and just the right level of fan commitment.  Successful football teams are far more than just good coaches.

I am likewise confident that Gene Taylor will protect the interests of the NDSU football kingdom in selecting new coaching staff.  I am sure he knows that a legion of BIG fans are watching ever so closely to see what happens next.  He knows that now the discussion in Bison football fan households will move to suppositions of who will fill the empty coaching spots with Bohl’s exit.

Do me a favor Gene, do what you can to wrap all this coaching supposition up quickly.  I live with a BIG Bison football fan and I would like to discuss things this Christmas holiday other than NDSU future football coaching staff buzz.  You can consider this your Christmas gift to me and other like-situated partners of BIG Bison football fans – those of us who like Bison football and discuss it casually from time to time, but do not view it as the sun in our universe.  If you can do this for me Gene I promise to put you on my Christmas list. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and fifty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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