When I saw that the temperature yesterday morning was 11 degrees I was giddy.  Not pleasantly surprised, not mildly excited – giddy. Giddy about 11 degree weather.  When it got into the 30s later in the day I transcended into a state of disbelief – how could it be that such good fortune could shine upon me?

My theory of relativity applies here.  Had we not recently had that stretch of subzero days I would not be giddy about 11 degrees.  In North Dakota weather, all things are relative.  When the temperatures started to drop into the 40s in the fall I felt a serious chill.  These days I would dance outside in my underwear at the idea of days like that.

It is funny the way I get forget year after year how brutally cold it can get here.  I think that forgetting is the only thing that allows me to stick around for another year.  If I remembered the teeth chattering cold I might come to my senses and go to a location that has four seasons of warmth.  Alas, like childbirth, wherein women quickly forget the pain when they hold their baby, I forget the cold when the warmth comes back around.

I wonder if others in this region have seasonal amnesia like me. Are there others who remember that it gets cold but forget just how cold it actually gets?  Are there others that are giddy at 11 degrees about now?  Should we create a support group?  😉

Day one thousand two hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    When I lived in WI, I shared your giddiness at just being cold instead of frostbit-frozeled. The frigidity would have been intolerable if not for the snow to attack. I lovel to shovel the drifts, and marvels at what Aeolus carvels.

    But now I live in CA, where the weather is as pacific as the ocean beneath the setting sun. It almost never even reaches uncomfortable here. But I’ll join your group in spirit and send you some hot chocolate. Just let me know where your next meeting is.

    Protect your face, hands and tootsies. Frostbite and rosacea lurk. Cheers!

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