I Missed The Memo…

I must have missed the memo on the light bulb phase out.  The article I read in The Forum was the first I learned of the light bulb standards set by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.  I am not sure how I missed this major shift, but clearly I did.

It occurs to me that I have not purchased light bulbs for awhile.  I think Mike became the light bulb buyer about the same time he became the trash guy, the handyman, and the yard guy.  If I was still playing all those parts I might have noticed that the 100 and 75 watt incandescent bulbs had already been phased out.  The 40 and 60 watt bulbs will stop being manufactured at the end of this year.  They are on their way out based on their inefficiency.

I have no special affinity for incandescent bulbs and I will not shed a tear when they disappear, but for some reason this shift from the inefficient bulbs to more efficient bulbs makes me feel like a bit of dinosaur.  Not that the change is earth-shattering…this is a mild change compared to some of the changes tied to technological advances.  But it has something to do with all the years I had them as a part of my life.  They are a part of my life memories and represent yet another piece of my history that is being stripped away by some young whippersnapper.

Okay, the whippersnapper part was over the top.  But you get my point.  It is like the world is moving on without the dinosaurs and their archaic ways.  Incandescent light bulbs were one of my archaic ways.

Suddenly, I am not an early adopter of change and am instead a hanger-on of what was.  When in the world did that shift occur?  When did I become the older person saying, “I remember when..”?

I will adjust to the more efficient bulbs.  I wish I could say the same about my mindset.  I think I am starting to understand why I am becoming my grandparents -change is constant, but after awhile you just want to slowdown and stick with the familiar things you have spend comfortable decades with.  My age is showing…and those darn new light bulbs are shining quite the light on it.

Day one thousand two hundred and sixty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C