Beer Belly?

I like The Lakeside Collection catalog.  It features a fairly eclectic mix of items for all ages and fairly reasonable prices.   On occasion I order things from The Lakeside Collection for myself and others.  Some of the items offered by The Lakeside Collection I would categorize as products with the potential for widespread appeal.  But in every catalog there are one or two items that one has to wonder what the heck they were thinking.

The Lakeside Collection has brought back one of its classic retail debacles in its most recent catalog.  It is an item that brings all new meaning to the term “beer belly” and causes me to question my fellow mankind’s sensibilities.  Yes, the 6-Pack Drink Holster is back – in three color choices for the amazing low price of $4.95.

6-Pack Drink Holsters 6-Pack Drink Holsters 6-Pack Drink Holsters

I first set eyes on this special item for the first time in 2010 and was sure that it would end up on the clearance page (see Features a quick-snap buckle with an adjustable strap…only $4.95 ).  To my shock, it never did arrive there.  This must mean that they actually sold their stock of this item out.  How could that be?  Who would buy this?

But hey, what do I know?  Because here it is back in the retail line-up with all three of the original color choices ready to be snapped up by those who missed this gem the first time around.  I have yet to run across this item being utilized in real life.  I cannot fathom how this item has utility unless it is being used by a host or hostess who is serving as a portable beer cart.  I cannot see why one person would load in six beers (or in a more PG version – six soda cans) to carry them through a number of hours when all it would do is get warm.

Seriously, what is the utility of this item?  And if you are wearing it, what does it say about you?  Couldn’t you just have a little Igloo cooler nearby? Are you so lazy that you need to cart your beer with you? Do you really thing you are going to get through six beers without having to go to the bathroom?  Couldn’t you maybe just grab two with your two hands and then grab two more on your way back from the bathroom?  Are people buying this as a joke?  After the initial laugh do folks just donate them to a charity secondhand shop for resale? Is there a Goodwill store in the South that has a shelf full of these things for $.25 a piece?

If you are or were the proud owner of own of these holsters, please do let me know how and when you use it.  Also let me know if you coordinate your holster with the outfit you have on that day.  Doe camouflage go with everything or only other camouflage?  Have you cleverly re-purposed this item for other things? And the most important question of all, did you buy this for yourself, and if so – what the heck were you thinking? 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and seventy-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C