Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown…

I must give props to those in the area who are responsible for making the decisions about school and college closings.  It is not an easy job and it is often thankless. This is one crown that I do not envy.  There always seem to be some folks who will question the decision that has been made.  I know this because I am one that has questioned decisions in the past.

It is not easy for these folks to make such decisions.  There are layers of complexity beyond the weather report that need to be considered.  Weather cancellations do not come without a cost; yet, they are made when primacy is placed on safety.  This makes me happy.  I appreciate the burden these folks carry and the choices that are made when physical safety is at risk.

We live in a harsh climate where travel can become a dangerous proposition and  short-term exposure can seriously injure or kill you.  Those who wear the unenviable crown and are tasked with deciding when that climate presents too great a risk to conduct business as usual have a huge responsibility.  I applaud the choices our local school districts and higher education institutions have made recently regarding severe weather.  I know they will never know the number of folks their decisions are saving from potential injury or death, but it is clear that they fully appreciate the potential of injury or death.   That is what I expect of those in charge of making such decisions.

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C