Building Toward Retirement…

I am grateful that Mike is always thinking about how to solve household problems.  He is constantly finding things he can fix or improve upon.  It doesn’t hurt that he has emerged as a do-it-yourself builder and has been equipped by the family at every gift-giving opportunity with tools, woodworking books, and Menards gift cards.  Every day he thinks about new things he can improve or make.

Recently, he made a storage box for his work vehicle.  He measured the space, came up with a design, and built it on one of the 30 degree days we had recently.  I was not excited by this project, but he was.  He was delighted with the end product because it exactly met his needs.  And wouldn’t you know, other folks at his work really liked what he made as well. Now he has agreed to make one for all the work vehicles.

I have also committed him to making a few tables for folks once the garage (which is not heated) becomes a pleasant work space again.  That gives him time to think about the projects.  With Mike, the whole design is clear in his head long before a single piece of wood is cut.

I have been saying since he built the built-in bookshelves that he should consider making and selling some of his creations.  Increasingly, when I see something built from wood I wonder if Mike could make me a replica of it.  He may be a beginner in this realm, but with every new project he completes it becomes clearer to me that he has a real love and talent for not only woodworking, but also for using those skills to create solutions.

I am encouraging him to think about building some things this summer to bring to local craft fairs in the fall.  This seems inconceivable to him in the moment, but I can see that he will continue to explore his skills and that with the way he thinks about these things he will continue to build more and more complex items.  I will predict right now that this whole woodworking hobby of Mike’s will become a big part of his retirement years.  I like that because it makes him feel happy and accomplished when he creates something.  That is what folks should be doing in retirement -things they enjoy.

All-in-all, Mike’s woodworking skills are a great thing for him and for me.  We should all be so lucky to have a hobby that we can continue to grow into.  Now the only question that remains is what he will be building from week to week. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. B-dubya

    People like Mike are my idols–way above pro athletes or entertainers, etc. My husband and all three sons have been builders, and this summer I enjoyed not only the building of a fort-in-the-woods, but the cookie-jar raiding company of the teenage boys who worked on it. How lucky can one person be? 😀 Rock on, Mike!!

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