What Pizza Company Made The Pizza?

Perhaps you heard that a local pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint Sunday night at an apartment building in South Fargo.  Apparently, the three robbers ordered the pizza and supplied an apartment number at the location that did not exist so they could descend upon the delivery driver when she arrived.  According to the report of the incident they stole the ordered pizza and soda.

The poor delivery driver must have been scared out of her mind.  Pizza delivery to strange locations can be scary enough without having this kind of experience.  Thankfully, they took the pizza and soda and went on their merry way.  It does not appear from the reports that they tried to take any money or other items from the delivery driver.

I guess the robbers were more concerned about food than anything else.  What a shame that they used a firearm as part of their pizza/soda heist.  The gun really changes the game and the punishment.  Would they have shot the poor pizza delivery driver if she had not capitulated?  I hope not, but I guess we will never know because she wisely capitulated to their demands. Delivery drivers and employees of stores and banks are trained to not fight back because whatever is being stolen is not worth their life.  It wasn’t always that way, but after a few deaths the lesson was learned – give them what they ask for and let the criminal justice system deal with them.

I have to wonder though, why would these three men risk so much for a pizza and soda?  Were they really that hungry?  And what kind of pizza was it anyway?  What pizza company made the pizza that was worthy of risking jail time?  It may seem cavalier to ask, but I really do wonder.

There is no excuse for robbery.  I imagine when these men are caught they will say, be it truthful or not, that they were merely hungry and had no other option than to do what they did.  That isn’t going to fly with the criminal justice system even if they were doing it purely due to hunger.  The introduction of a weapon kind of affects the court’s ability to offer a sympathetic ear and leniency. Here is the one thing we know for sure, they will get three square meals in jail.

I do hope that when we learn more about why this happened and if it happened because of hunger that we will step back and more thoroughly assess the situation.  If hunger was the directive there is work to be done in the community to meet the needs of citizens who are going without food.  If this was merely a lark and the pizza was just the spoils of a little criminal adventure, the men should be given the amount of jail time necessary to re-frame their view of fun Sunday evening adventures.

And note, I really do want to know which pizza company made the pizza worth committing a criminal act for.  That must have been one hell of a pizza.  Or at least I hope it was for the price that will be paid.

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    Ms. C,

    It should not matter whether why they robbed someone at gun point. Do not confuse the possibility of them being hungry or what the City needs to do in regards to hungry citizens. The fact is that they need to be held accountable no matter the situation. It’s time to hold people accountable. There are many ways people can go about obtaining food to feed themselves or their family. Unfortunately robbing someone at gunpoint is not one of them. Let’s hold people accountable for their actions instead of fabricating excuses for them.

  2. tim haering

    Happiness is a stolen pizza. Bang bang, chew chew. Weird as a beard. Almost as weird as Michael Kenyon, the Illinois enema bandit. If I was that hungry and that poor, I’d wear a big puffy coat into the grocery and steal half a dozen Red Barons or Totinos.

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