Extraordinary Places…

I have always liked North Dakota’s Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.  He appears to me to be a level-headed and fair guy.  But I must say, having learned of Stenehjem’s proposal to the North Dakota Industrial Commission to try and protect a number of “extraordinary places” in North Dakota by putting in place rules to minimize the impact of oil drilling on them, I have moved right past the like stage to a deep abiding affection for the man.

Mike Nowatzki of The Forum wrote a piece worth reading on Stenehjem’s proposal and the push back he is receiving from the oil producers and royalty owners.  According to Nowatzki’s article: “The Oklahoma-based Royalty Owners & Producers Educational (ROPE) Coalition warned in a news release that property rights and royalty checks “are at serious risk” under the rules introduced last month by Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem as he unveiled his proposed list of 18 extraordinary places, including Elkhorn Ranch, Lake Sakakawea and the Little Missouri River National Grasslands.”

An Oklahoma based coalition…hmmmm.   I don’t think I am going to spend too much time listening to them huff and puff.  If I have to choose who to believe and trust, I am going to trust the guy who has been taking good care of our state for years.  Some things are more important than money and are irreplaceable.  Wayne Stenehjem has identified 18 that he would like to see the State of North Dakota protect.

Finally, it appears someone is willing to step up and stop the speeding train that is fueled by big oil money.  Finally, someone is ready to defend some of the things that North Dakota holds dear.  And not a minute too soon in my estimation – so much has already been forever lost.

Thank you Wayne Stenehjem for putting forth the extraordinary places proposal.  You may find some folks who oppose your proposal, but I am guessing the vast majority of North Dakotans are right behind you.  Keep fighting to maintain the extraordinary in this beautiful state we call home. 😉

Day one thousand two hundred and ninety-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    Ms. C, if you wanna fight “big oil money,” you should cut your driving in half, convert your car to CNG, buy a Prius or Volt or Leaf. You cannot claim to oppose oil drilling and simply continue driving as usual. As a matter of national security, we need to harvest our own oil. Sure, it will be messy, inconvenient, even somewhat dangerous at times. It’s that or keep fighting wars for it.

    We’ve been thru this before. I recall leaving a similar comment on a past column. You wanna stop the ND drillers, make that oil too expensive to extract. YOU do that by making gas less expensive. And you do that by using less and less, until the refiners must lure you to the pump with lower prices. When that ND oil is barely profitable, they’ll stop extracting it.

    So, while your AG poses for holy cards, forcing domestic production into someone elses back yard, do something constructive to negate the need for oil. YOU say you wanna revolution, well ya know, we all wanna change the world.

  2. Deb

    I wonder if you or your readers are aware that public comments are being solicited for Stenehjem’s proposal. FEBRUARY 25 is the deadline date for sending comments to the North Dakota Industrial Commission in support of the proposed policy to protect North Dakota’s “extraordinary places.” Hope you will send these thoughts and encourage others because there is a lot of pressure from the industry not to set any limits on their activity in the state.

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