Maybe Next Year Broncos…

Mike says I am not a good football fan.   He says this because once one of the teams starts to dominate and shut out the other team I start rooting for the team that is losing.  This is particularly true when the other team has no points and virtually no hope of winning.  I just don’t see any need for their spirits to be completely deflated.

This makes Mike roll his eyes.  Football is a sport he reminds me.  There must be a winner.  This is not the place of ties so folks can feel good about themselves.

I know this.  I know that one team must lose.  I just don’t see any need for a team to be completely spanked.  Once the winning team has created a 21+ point lead why can’t they  just be gracious and let the other team get at least one touchdown? Is that too much to ask?

Clearly, I am neither a cutthroat competitor or a rabid fan.  I like a balanced competition.  I like both teams to be able to walk out of the stadium with their heads held high – win or lose.

I am feeling for the Broncos this evening, despite the fact that I am happy for the Seahawks’ inevitable first Super Bowl win.  I just wish the Broncos could find their mojo and score a couple more touchdowns.  I think they would feel better if they did.  I know I would feel better for them.

Mike’s right.  I am not a good football fan.  I feel sorry for the Broncos even though I am not even a fan.  Maybe next year Broncos…maybe next year.

Day one thousand three hundred and eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    Mike is right, sort of. One team must win. But you are a fine fan, you wanna see a good competitive game, not a boring blowout. I root the same way, especially at tennis matches. Who wants to see a straight-set rout? There are more legitimate types of fans, Mike, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    And in the end, the points you take are equal to the points you make.

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