Tell Me Something Good…

Is it just me or do others feel as if they are reading “bad news” stories lately in The Forum?  Crime, drugs, folks that have gone astray, and sad stories seem so much more prevalent to me these days.  I long for the silly and happy stories that used to outnumber the doom and gloom fare.

I wonder if it was always as it is now.  I wonder if it is me that has changed.  I wonder if  my days of wanting to the see the world in shades of gritty realism are over. I wonder if my rose-colored glasses are here to stay.  I think I may be moving toward days of watching continuous cute pet and giggling baby videos in lieu of interfacing with the real world.  The older I get, the more the real world scares and disappoints me.

I need a few weeks of hopeful news.  No prostitution busts, no fatal accidents, no murders, no child porn collectors, no losses of bright souls to cancer, no stupid drunk drivers, no stolen babies, no drug overdoses, no senseless shootings, no heartbreak…no more “bad news”.  Tell me about the cat that was rescued from a tree or the good Samaritan who returned an envelope with $500 of cash in it.  Tell me about the couple who has been happily married for 50 years and is still madly in love or the teenager who donated all her allowance to a local homeless shelter. Tell me about all the novel Valentine’s Day proposals and the newest sweater attire for dogs.  Tell me anything that will allow me to smile instead of frown,  grimace, or cry.  Just tell me something good…otherwise I am going to start tuning into Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and getting my news from the trolley.  😉

Day one thousand three hundred and fourteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    Tell me somethin’ good. Chaka Khan. One of the funkiest, groovin-est bass lines ever. Good news only? Some famous person said, “You can’t change the world, only your reaction to it.” Tired of frowning? STOP! Wanna smile? SMILE! Gandhi said, Be the news you want to see in the world.

    Things seem strange but they change
    How they change
    Up and down your carousel will go
    So don’t let it bring you down

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