Enchanting Indeed!

In all my time in North Dakota – about 17 years now – I have never visited the Enchanted Highway.  I have heard that it is a route you can catch near Dickinson on your way to or from the Black Hills.  The 32 mile stretch of highway features a series of giant-sized scrap metal sculptures created by Regent, North Dakota native Gary Greff.

Greff’s sculptures have put Regent on the map.  With only about 165 folks, Regent, located in Hettinger County, is hardly what you would call a tourist mecca.  Well, at least it wasn’t in the beginning, but Greff has been working on changing that.

Greff has now added an Enchanted Castle to the Enchanted Highway.  This is a magical place from the mind of Greff and the bones of a re-purposed high school in Regent.  The castle, complete with a drawbridge, operates as a bed and breakfast/hotel of sorts that promises royal treatment. The reviews about the Enchanted Castle on Trip Advisor are good.  Apparently, Greff is on to something.  Now visitors to the Enchanted Highway can have the full enchanting experience.

otel Accommodations - Regent, ND - Enchanted Castle Hotel LLC

You know what this means right?  It means – road trip! I must experience the enchantment for myself.  As soon as spring rolls around I am going to start looking for a free weekend for my sojourn to the Enchanted Highway and Castle.   There are some things in life, and in North Dakota, that simply must be experienced firsthand.  A North Dakota castle is definitely one of them. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and fifteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

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  1. tim haering

    I wonder how many holes it takes to fill the Enchanted Castle. Hope you don’t have to count them all. I look forward to your Enchanted blog. And enjoy the Enchanted road trip, Helen Wheels. Take me down to Junior’s Farm. Everybody tag along.

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