I Cannot Afford To Relax…

Ever since the folks a couple of streets over added on a sunroom (about five years ago) I have been thinking about how much I would like a sunroom.  I think about how much joy I would derive from a sunroom.  I imagine I will relax and read books while basking in the sunlight in a cozy chair.  I believe it would be like a little slice of heaven.

Alas, I am snapped back to reality when I think about how much money such a room will cost.  It is then that I am reminded that I cannot afford to relax.  I then rationalize that I probably would not have used a sunroom as much in reality as I do in daydreams.

Then time passes, I forget all of the above and the cycle begins again.  It is predictable and a bit sad I know.   You would think I would just let the whole sunroom idea go after awhile, but hope springs eternal.

This is the time of year when I think about a sunroom the most.  I start to think about winter’s exit and feel hopeful about my favorite seasons – spring, summer, and fall.  I relish the daydream again and I start talking about it with anyone in the family who will listen.

But this year something changed a bit.  This year I saw a do-it-yourself video where someone  built on a three season room to their home using their existing deck.  Of course they had to fortify the deck and do all sorts of preparatory work before getting to the actual wall-building, but in the end – it was a lovely addition.  It planted a seed folks.  I started thinking – I have three favorite seasons and I live  with a do-it-yourselfer (I think I just created a new word here – call the folks at Merriam-Webster) -maybe, just maybe, I could have a three season room for a much lower cost than I initially believed.  Maybe Mike’s elbow grease combined with the supplies was actually do-able…maybe I can afford to relax.

Mike did not find my idea relaxing.  He has looked a little stressed out ever since I pitched the idea to him.  He seems concerned that I am not more concerned about the fact that he has never built such a room before.  I am not concerned because I know Mike builds nothing new without doing all the research in advance.  I know how satisfied he will be with himself when the project is completed and how happy I will be.  I think this is a good outcome.

Now we are in the investigative stage for material costs.  I realize that I may learn that those costs alone are more than I can afford, but I am hopeful that labor is a big chunk of the ticket price.   I really, really, really want to realize this lovely dream of mine.  I also realize that as unpalatable the cost may to acquire  three seasons of joy – the end result really is priceless. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and sixteen of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    God bless you Ms. C. And Mike the BUIlder – Yes He Can! YOU don’t remember the 50s, and neither do I, but they used to call these Florida Rooms – south facing and flower filled. Here’s a song to inspire your design.

    When the cold winds blow, I go where the dahlias bloom
    I go drifting back to the Florida Room.

    Don’t forget a nice window of glass block. Good luck with those daydream-reality cycles.

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