Look for a late 90s, maroon Ford Explorer…

Tonight I applaud the actions of two young men who went out of their way to save a cat.  The two young men, Dag Hilton and Dallas Reger, were out snowmobiling near County Road 20 in Harwood (Cass County), when they saw someone throw something out of a fast moving vehicle.  At first they thought it was a bag, but they discovered it was a cat.

I caught their story in the last few minutes of WDAY’s 6 PM news broadcast this evening.  At the beginning of the story I was incensed at the person or persons who threw out the cat to die.  By the end of the story I was touched by the compassion the young men showed the cat.

Dag Hilton put the cat in his lap and rode his snowmobile 15 minutes back to where his truck was parked.  The young men then called 911 and dropped off the cat at the Red River Emergency Animal Clinic in Fargo for care.  According to the news report the cat will be okay.

Photo capture from WDAY newscast of the cat and Dag Hilton

What I loved about this story was the brief interview with Dag Hilton.  In the interview he shared his belief that had they not been out there the cat would have been left to die in subzero temperatures.  He chastised the disregard shown for the cat’s life saying that if the owner didn’t want the cat he or she could have just given it away or taken it to the Humane Society.  The basic decency that this kid showed in words and deed stood in stark contrast to the person who threw the cat out a speeding vehicle’s window to die.

Now, as for that person – here is what all the area animal lovers need to know: the vehicle that the cat was thrown from is described as a late 90s, maroon Ford Explorer.  Please keep your eyes open for this vehicle.  If you come upon it, report it to local police.  This person should be charged with animal cruelty.

In the meantime, give a shout out to Dag Hilton and Dallas Reger here or on Facebook.  These young men did the right thing.  As a lover of creatures I hope they are thanked a hundred times over for the goodwill they evidenced with their actions. ;-)

Day one thousand three hundred and thirty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

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3 Responses to Look for a late 90s, maroon Ford Explorer…

  1. tim haering says:

    Bless your gentle hearts, dudes. May the Big Electric Cat guide you!

    And should your snowmobiles ever run out on you, may Totoro’s Catbus be there to save the day

  2. candice says:

    you guys rock. a lot of people would of just walked away. I am an animal lover and have two of my own fur balls. I couldn’t imagine hurting them. thank you for your kindness

  3. Tree Mogard says:

    Way to go Dallas!! Uncle Dave would have been so proud of you!

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