The Only Verb In The Calendar Year…

Today is March 4th.

I know this because my fierce girl pal, Katherine Kraft Tweed, sends out an annual letter commemorating the only verb in the calendar year.  I shared her thoughts last year on this day, and I want to share them again this year.  Katherine is a beautiful soul who carries with her an uncommon wisdom delivered with a mellowed kindness.  I value what she thinks and says.  So please celebrate March 4th with Katherine and me by finding ways that you can incorporate Katherine’s  messages into your life.


March 4 and Fat Tuesday on the same day – an odd partnership for my annual honoring of the only verb in the calendar year.

March forth is a personal holiday for me, one of reflection and promise. I usually do a cheery pep talk to myself and share it with friends.

This time is different.

March forth means adding rather than taking away for Lent. Traditionally, Fat Tuesday means eat all the excess food, celebrate Mardi Gras, live it up because the coming weeks are somber.

Marching forth from this date this year means I will add the following to my life – and I hope you can add them to your life, too:

More simplicity. A contradiction in terms that reflects the challenge of simplicity. For me, more simplicity will mean fewer items on my plate, figuratively and literally.

Less conflict. In recent days I have seen discord in friendships, family, community and country that do not need to happen. Listening with a loving heart would take care of most problems. OK – probably not Russian-Crimea problems, but the problems we can touch.

Springing. The birds are making every effort to think spring, the sun shines on us longer each day, the waterways are beginning to show slight fissures and there is more mud. Animals are heavy, waiting for spring births. Listening to nature do her subtle change.

Tenderness. Our old dog is having more health problems. Massaging her aching body gives her contentment and peace, if only for those moments. They are good moments to have with her. She deserves all the good life can give her.

Most of all, March 4 this year means awakening to each day with a smile. It will be challenge to smile at and for each morning. Remembering that the simple act of waking up in a comfortable bed, knowing I have things to do each day will encourage the smile.

My friends, march forth with a smile, a gift freely given.


Thank you Katherine.  I march forth with a smile. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and thirty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

4 Responses

  1. tim haering

    Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you, my friend,
    any minor world that breaks apart falls together again.
    When the demon is at your door, in the morning it won’t be there no more,
    any major dude will tell you, any major dude will tell you.

    Or major dudette.

    Thus spoke the wizard in her mountain home,
    the vision of her wisdom means we’ll never be alone.
    And I will dream of this magic night,
    and the million silver stars that guide us with their light.

    Sorry, no Beatles tonight, Ms. C. I hope Steely Dan and Uriah Heep will serve.

    Gonna give my old frenchie a rubdown.

  2. Lucy

    I am so grateful for the reminder! All too often, we go through life so stressed and busy that we don’t take the time to approach the people we cherish most in this world with love and understanding.

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