The Thin Blue Line…

Our community lost a law enforcement officer today.  Lt. Jeff Skuza passed in the early morning hours.  His loss is tragic for his family, his law enforcement brethren, and the community he served for over 20 years.

Law enforcement is a tough field.  The things law enforcement officers see and  have to deal with can profoundly affect them.  The job is dangerous and too often thankless.

Lt. Skuza was a good cop.  He took good care of our community.  He will be missed.

In Lt. Skuza’s memory and for all the law enforcement officers out there protecting communities, I share Kim Erb’s poem titled the The Thin Blue Line.



By Kimberly A. Erb

There is a line
the color of the sky
on a clear afternoon

There is a line
the hue of the ocean
on a bright sunny day

There is a line
the purest shade of a newborn’s eyes
awakening for the first time

There is a line
that protects us from harm
in all we do
whether day or night

There is a line
no one can penetrate
no one can alleviate

There is a line
made of those who choose
to follow a calling many do not hear
and still more do not comprehend

They choose to walk
the path of fear, hate and mistrust
taken by so few
yet marked by so many

And when one leaves this line
they leave a legacy
but the line does not break
for the remaining must still protect

There may be emptiness
a loss, or sadness
but never a hole
not in this line

This line that holds
the ghosts of the souls who have gone
and the souls of the ghosts who will be


Day one thousand three hundred and forty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

5 Responses

  1. tim haering

    The first two stanzas trace blue lines. Stanzas 4 thru 10 allude to police officers in blue uniforms. Blue blue blue. But stanza 3 refers to “a newborn’s eyes,” which are invariably grey. Did the author goof? Or is she trying to tell us something about police work and the line between right and wrong, good and bad?

    You can blow out a candle
    But you can’t blow out a fire
    Once the flames begin to catch
    The wind will blow it higher
    Oh Skuza, Skuza, because Skuza
    Oh Skuza, Skuza, because Skuza
    Yihla Moja, Yihla Moja
    The man is dead, the man is dead

  2. Rick Maurer

    I was never a policeman,
    but I did wear a badge.

    His uniform was blue,
    mine was green and white.
    The tools he carried on his waist were designed to take,
    where mine were designed to give.
    Both designed to aid with life and teach us to believe.
    The shoes we wore are similar,
    Sturdy to carry our step,and to aid another person in need.
    Lt. S

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