The Pothole Special…

Now that I have a Kia, I receive periodic Kia newsgrams about new products, sales, upcoming required service, and other maintenance information.  With electronic delivery companies can readily keep in touch with you with the push of a button.  Mostly I like getting things this way – it saves trees and allows my landfill to be my deleted folder. Some companies overdo it with almost daily emails – that does start to grate on me after awhile.  Indeed, it increases the likelihood of me deleting their emails without even looking at them.  Someone should tell them that less is more.  I would do that myself, but then I would get more emails from customer service.

But I digress…yesterday, I received an email from Kia that discussed the effect of potholes on a vehicle’s alignment.   The email included a coupon for the pothole special.  It occurred to me as I looked the coupon that I had never received a pothole coupon before.

It reminded me that the vast majority of my pothole experience has been garnered in North Dakota in the season between winter and construction season.  I believe some call it spring.  I have always found the pothole challenges around here interesting.  They can really wreak havoc on your vehicle and it has always bothered me that they sit there unmarked just waiting to claim their next victim.   I note that some roads suffer more from potholes than others, as do some drivers.  There are some folks that are artful in dodging potholes.  Unfortunately, these folks can create a hazard for other drivers when they use their Indy moves to make their way around a pothole. I imagine potholes are the genesis of many a accident this time of year. I wonder if someone in an office somewhere tracks such data.  If so, Kia should get in their next newsgram. Perhaps they can offer a the pothole accident special coupon next.  😉

Day one thousand three hundred and fifty-four of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C