Old, Predictably Not Cool, And Evidencing Uncharacteristic Restraint…

I took Cheyenne and her friend to the new Rue 21 store in West Fargo today.  If you have not been there with your teenager yet, don’t worry you will be.  They have clothes for both girls and guys at a decent price point.

The new West Fargo store is nice and bright.  It has a similar merchandising setup to Maurices or Dress Barn, but make no mistake – this is not a mama store.  This is not to say that there aren’t any cute Rue21 things that mamas can tastefully get away with wearing (so says the mama who purchased a couple of summer tops).  On the whole though, this is a store for the young, hip, and carefree.  I realized today, somewhat abruptly I might add, that I am no longer any of those things.

I long ago came to grips with the notion that just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should; however, I was suffering under the delusion that I was still young, hip, and carefree.  Well, not like teenage young, hip, and carefree – new forty young, hip, and carefree.  Instead, I realized I was more likely old, predictably not cool, and evidencing uncharacteristic restraint.  I saw some of the crop tops in Rue21 and noted that I had already visited that trend a couple of times in my life.  So too with the short shorts and big wedge heels – been there, done that a few times.

I realized in the moment that had my mother worn the clothes I wore back in the day when I was a teen…had she worn dittos and tube tops I would have most assuredly died of embarrassment.  Thankfully, that was not my mother – ever.  She wore mom clothes as moms should.  But times have changed and while I have become a better citizen over time on this front, I cannot always be trusted to make wholesome and sensible mom choices.  Until today – today it hit me – I am not in the Rue21 demographic.  And that my friends is a good thing for everyone concerned.

I do encourage the parents of teens to find their way to Rue21 with their offspring in tow.  They presently have a RueBucks promotion going on where you earn $20 in RueBucks for every $40 spent.  These $20 RueBucks can be spent on a future $40 purchase in late April.  Cheyenne and I purchased two tops, two dresses, and two clutch wallets for $100 and walked away with $40 in RueBucks as well.  You can earn RueBucks through April 23rd both in-store and online, and gift cards purchased in-store earn RueBucks as well.

Check it out and have fun flashing back to the days when you were young, hip, and carefree.  When you are done remembering your glory days, come look for me in the scarf section.  That is about the safest place in the store for a mama in the new forty. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and fifty-five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Katherine

    Got it! Although, hip and cool were never part of my psyche. You, on the other hand, Ms. C, will always be hip and cool.

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