Do It For Denmark!

Oh yes, you know how I love a great marketing campaign!

Today I applaud the Spies Travel Agency in Denmark for its new ad campaign which encourages romantic travel to increase the country’s birth rate.  Apparently, since 2000 the birth rate has declined 17% in Denmark.  Spies has research that shows that Danes have 46% more sex while they are on holiday than when they are at home. Go figure! 😉

Spies has created a great advertisement and a real competition to reward those who travel, have sex during their travels, and have a baby.  They call the campaign – Do it for Denmark.  The winners, a.k.a. one pairing of lucky baby makers, win a three year supply of diapers and a family friendly vacation. For those who want to experience the travel but cannot, or do not, want to have a baby, participation is still encouraged so that they can “do it” as well.

This is a whole new way to capitalize on the well-known truism that sex sells.  Typically, we see this with the subtle, or not subtle enough, conjuring of the libido with a scantily clad man or woman with desire in their eyes. But not in Denmark.  In Denmark they get right to the point – have sex and make babies.

I urge you to watch the advertisement – click here.  It is two minutes of well-presented and humorously tied together factoids that will leave you smiling.  Indeed, you may feel compelled to “do it for Denmark” when it is all said and done, whether you are in Denmark or not.

After watching the ad, I visited the Spies site to see the contest rules myself.  Unfortunately, I do not read Danish.  However, I did get a feel for the process from the images with the instructions.

Do It for Denmark

Wow.  This is classic.  Leave it to the private sector to find creative ways to solve the problems of society or to just make a buck.  Whatever the directive, how can they fail?  Spies is encouraging folks to travel and have sex – is there a downside to this campaign? Well-played Spies…well-played. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and sixty-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C