No Patience For Pedophiles…

I am tired of perverts who prey on young children and teenagers. When I read things in the newspaper or online about creeps who sexually assault children I think about what I would do to someone if they had done such things to my children or grandchildren.   I am here to tell you, I would be violent and unforgiving.

I have no patience for this behavior.  Taking advantage of children’s trust and naivete, robbing them of their innocence, and forever scarring them is unconscionable and unforgivable.  I do not care what kind of compunction such an abuser has or whether they do it because they are ill.  I cannot find even the smallest morsel of tolerance in my soul.

In The Forum today there is a story of a South Moorhead man who allegedly sexually abused two young girls under the age of 10 and gave them a sexually transmitted disease. The man, Jesse Roe Graham (seen below), age 20, is currently being held at Clay County jail on suspicion of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Now, I know that this man has only been charged and that these charges have yet to be proven in a court of law.  I also know that some folks are wrongly accused of crimes.  I know that these types of crimes are difficult because the victims are young and their ability to recount incidents is limited.  And I know that the police will scour this man’s life for evidence that he did indeed assault these girls.  I believe that the justice system will do its job and ferret out the truth.

However, none of the above changes the knee jerk reaction I have to hearing about the alleged perpetration of such crimes.  I foam at the mouth, my eyes bulge, and my head does a full 360 rotation when I think about how vile it is that such acts are being visited upon children.  I have no patience for pedophiles.  I have seen the impact their actions have had on the lives of children and the damage that victims carry into adulthood.

I hope Graham gets a fair trial.  If he is convicted, I hope he receives the maximum sentence.  His victims have already received a life sentence.

Day one thousand three hundred and sixty-seven of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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