Me And The Mini-van…

Our working group concluded its work today.  We accomplished a great deal as a group, but I accomplished even more.  I managed to avoid driving the mini-van the entire time.  I traveled with others here, there, and everywhere – I selfishly shlepped along with whomever had an empty seat.

Not that anyone was dying to go in the mini-van.  Apparently, there are others who understood my consternation with being seen driving in a mini-van.  Go figure.

Here I am with the blue van. 

The working group (sans Barbara)

This was a great engagement and our group did what it came to do in our two days of meetings.  It always does my heart good to work with my colleagues in emergency management to help advance the community’s efforts. It was all well worth the mini-van angst that brought me here…but no more mini-vans are in my future. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and seventy-one of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    This van contains no frumpy suburban soccer mom in stretch pants. You’re right, you look all wrong for that type of car. WOUld be like me beside a Beamer. Nice group photo. A brouhaha of beige bureaucrats you are. Reminds me of my time in the WI Dept. of WOrkforce Development. Very much like my ex’s crew at CDC, minus The Gerberding. And very similar to the faculty I knew at UWM, minus the colorful and sagacious Colossus of Rhoades, who taught us, “There are no solutions, only intelligent choices.” Bless your public servant hearts. Thanks for doing what you do.

    Nobody gonna take my car
    I’m gonna race it to the ground
    Nobody gonna beat my car
    It’s gonna break the speed of sound

    Home to your Highway Star.

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