Tonight I would like to share a handful of snippets that are not necessarily related, except to the extent that they are floating around in my head.  I cannot pick one single thing to write about, so I will mention them all briefly.

First of all, another tragic event occurred today in Pennsylvania at the hands of a 16 year old student wielding two knives.  I was watching the news of the event as I traversed airports today.  All this violence and disregard for human life makes me sad. The news is reporting that the doctors expect all those who were stabbed to survive.  Thank God for that.  I know we will learn about this event in the days and weeks to come, but no matter what we learn, we know one thing for sure – these violent acts seem to keep coming.

Second, the State of Pennsylvania has some hardcore speeders on its highways.  I could not believe how much faster than the 65 mph speed limit vehicles were traveling.  I felt like I was standing still at my speed of 65-70.  The icing on this proverbial speeding cake came when a driver’s education student driver van passed me going what I would guess was 80 mph.  I wondered if the students were learning to drive with the flow of traffic or if they were just trying to get where they were going as quickly as possible because they were in a mini-van and wanted to get out of it as soon as possible (I understand that logic). The bottom line – if you are driving in PA, bring your lead foot.

Third, MSP Airport has an art display in the travel corridor in Concourse C that honors the creative work of airport employees and their family members.  It is a diverse and interesting collective. It runs through the end of April.  Check it out the next time you are there.  I sat in a chair that faces the long wall of art and did some serious people watching for awhile.

Fourth, I watched what I can say was the best Delta gate agent I have ever encountered in all my years of travel.  Her name was Gabriella and she was at the Fargo gate.  Which, before I forget, I must comment on.  These baby gates – Minneapolis gates A1-10 for example – only seat about two dozen people (if that) and are insufficient for any flight.  No plane has only 24 seats.  Although, the plane I was on back home did only seat about 50 folks.  The point is, I feel cheated at a baby gate.  But I digress, I want to applaud Garbriella’s customer service, pleasant demeanor, and hard work.  She is a jewel in Delta’s crown.  I am going to have to drop Delta an email to tell them that.  I believe you should be quicker to complement than criticize, but I know airline employees get a lot of criticism and are rarely complemented.

My fifth and final snippet for this evening deals with a Facebook post. I posted the below comment on my Facebook page after arriving in Detroit today.  It provided a Murphy’s Law lesson (an unfortunate, but true, story). Then my friend JP posted his comment with an accompanying photo.

Ms. C:
An example of Murphy’s Law: If you drink a 24 oz. coffee drink before getting on the plane and a full glass of water while on the plane on a short flight your bladder will hit capacity just as the plane goes onto its descent and you are restricted to your seat – approx. 20 minutes prior to landing. Then you will experience the bumpiest possible landing and taxi after landing for the longest 5 minutes of your life.

JP:Day one thousand three hundred and seventy-two of the new forty – obla di obla da –

John Paul Lopez's photo.

As you can see, JP knows me well enough to know that there was no way I was going to allow that to go unsaid on my blog. He knew I would share this experience (or as some might characterize it – I would over share).  He was right.  😉

Day one thousand three hundred and seventy-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    Ms. C: Let me compliment you on another fine column as I complement your observations on speedy PA traffic. I have driven in almost every state east of the Mississippi and several west of the muddy Miss. As McCartney sang, “People are the same wherever you go.” MY cruising speed in standard 7 MPH over the speed limit. And folks have flown by me in every state I have cruised. So I would not single out PA as unusually lead footed. Chicago drivers are my nightmare, being not only faster but more rude and wreckless as they weave through traffic and dash diagonally across three lanes so as not to miss and exit, with a honked horn as their only “excuse me.”

    What’s a driver to do? It all Depends.

    JP is a gem, Keep him.

    What would you think if I sang out of tune
    Would you stand up and walk out on me?
    Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song
    And I’ll try not to sing out of key
    Oh I get by with a little help from my friends

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