Humans Of Fargo

I love, love, love the new Facebook group called Humans of Fargo!  It features the varying faces of Fargo.  They span age, gender, ideology, jobs, hobbies – yet they are all collectively – us.  Humans of Fargo was created by Kaytlin Dargen and Nicole Mendoza.  It was inspired by Humans of New York a page that seeks to do the same thing in regard to New York City.

For the most part, the folks’ photos and statements are posted without explicitly naming the person or persons featured.  I do not know why I like this approach, but I do.  I think that not attaching names adds to the “us” feeling of the page.  I think it is a bit of psychological brilliance.

The founders of the page, Kaytlin and Nicole, were the first folks featured on the Facebook page.  Their bright and shiny idealism makes me want to reach out and hug them.  And I am not alone.  They started the group on March 24th and already it has over 3,000 likes.

From the Facebook page, here are the founders photos and their responses to the query, “What do you want to accomplish with Humans of Fargo?”

Here’s Kaytlin:

“What do you want to accomplish with Humans of Fargo?”

“I just really want to get rid of this perception that people seemed to have developed of North Dakota, that it’s boring and slow-paced. I want to showcase the inspiring and unique people that make Fargo the place I’m proud to call home. I don’t plan on living here forever, which is nothing against Fargo, it’s just me wanting to see what all the world has to offer. But before I leave, I really would like to make an impact on Fargo for the better.”

Here’s Nicole:

“What do you want to accomplish with Humans of Fargo?”

“The main objective for me is to give them something to talk about. Whenever I’m out of town, the moment I say ‘North Dakota’ people would give me responses like, ”Oh, I forgot that was a State,” or, “isn’t that like in Canada?’ The purpose for me is to give the unique credit Fargo residents deserve instead of the idea that we live as seasonal eskimos or have funny accents. To showcase the multiple characters we have here.”

Check out Humans of Fargo and you will see how dynamic a community we are and the beauty that lies in “us”. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and seventy-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Bob

    I love following the “Humans of Fargo” project. I agree with the approach of no names, just the people. Keep up the good work!

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