An Easter Shout-out…

Easter is a religious holiday, not unlike Christmas, that has become so much more about all the other stuff – cards, gifts, goodies, and family gatherings – than the religious significance.  I am not necessarily complaining about it, merely recognizing it.  All the kitsch and family tradition that goes along with Easter has dwarfed the religious significance.

Of course, that makes sense in the commercial world we live in.  Talking about death and resurrection is nice if you like that kind of thing; but, candy, Easter egg hunts, and family fun has a broader mass appeal.  Bunnies and chicks and lambs trump Jesus.  Again, not complaining, merely recognizing.  Easter is big business and chocolate is universal.

I know there are many devout folks out there who are putting the religious significance of Easter ahead of the secular celebration.  As a girl raised in the Catholic Church I understand that significance and I respect it.  These days I am not as bound by Catholic doctrine, but I still hold in my belief system the piety of Easter.

I hope your Easter has been all the things you wanted it to be based on your faith, values, and family customs.  I offer the same irreverent reverence at The New Forty today as I do every day. So please accept my shout-out to my peeps…to include JC. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and eighty-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    “That darn Bunny always gets top billing. I’m not cross about it, though. – JC.”

    That was the PS on a note from “The Bunny and Jesus” to my teenaged son on Sunday. He got the joke. Did you? He wasn’t steeped in the Church as I was, but we’ve had numerous opportunities to talk about Jesus over the years. He’s an atheist right now, leaning agnostic. SO was I at 16, I think, I really don’t remember. I didn’t really stand in the concrete until my 20s, when I realized there was no walk-away from my youth.

    Anyhow, the “cross” joke may be irreverent, but I like to bestow on Jesus a sense of humor that none of the Apostles seemed to see. The Gospels paint a pretty serious and somber portrait of Jesus. And why wouldn’t he be serious, knowing his fate. But having grown up with Jesus Christ Superstar – which also depicted a determined and focused Christ, despite rocking his milieu – I have rocked Jesus up a bit, given him a touch of sarcasm that many won’t like. Sorry.

    I’m not really a Christian. I am an aspiring Christian. Christ’s example is just too hard. I will always aspire to it, though. Yoda, another spiritual hero, would goad me, “Do, or do not – there is no try.” But I can’t sell all I own, give the money to the poor, and follow him – which is what he bid his Apostles. I wish I could turn the other cheek, forgive my trespassers, set aside wordliness. My faith just isn’t that big.

    And Jesus’ life offers no example of how to be married, have kids, own homes, nurture careers. So, I’m winging it.

    Oh, oh, yes, indeed we know
    That people will find a way to go
    No matter what the man said

    Love is fine for all we know
    For all we know, our love will grow.
    That’s what the man said.
    So won.t you listen to what the man said?

    And speaking of Sir Paul:

    – McCartney to play Fargodome, Target Field

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