My 15 Is Everyone Else’s 35…

I had an opportunity to speak to the mall tenants today about emergency management issues. I was excited to do so, even it was an 8 AM gathering which really isn’t prime Carol time.  Noah went along and sat in the back of the room.  I asked him to cue me when I had used up my 15 minutes with a simple hand gesture.

I never did see him make any hand gestures.  I just got so wrapped up in my presentation that I didn’t even really look at him. I just talked until I was done talking and it seemed just fine.

When the meeting was done, Noah said, “35 minutes.”

I said, “What?”

Noah repeated, “35 minutes.”

When I looked at him squinty-eyed to express a lack of comprehension he added, “Your presentation – 35 minutes.”

To this I said in disbelief, “No! ”

His matter-of-fact response – “Yes, mother…35 minutes.”

I still wasn’t buying it – “No way – it couldn’t be!”

Noah still held firm, “Yes, it was.”

I finally resigned myself to the fact that what he was saying was correct and said, “Well, I guess my 15 minutes is everyone else’s 35.”

I felt obliged to apologize to the person who invited me to speak for running over my time.  He was very gracious and said he didn’t mind at all.  But never fear, Noah won’t be letting me forget about this any time soon.  Many moons from now the clock will still be running on that 15 minutes…some things end up being timeless. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and ninety-two of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C