Revel, if only for a moment, in this recognition…

Today I would like to congratulate a group of students  who were honored by North Dakota State University’s Office of Equity, Diversity, and Global Outreach  with a Green and Gold Award for the Student Organization of the Year.  The organization, American Legion Post #400, has done a number of noteworthy things in its short tenure as an organization on the campus.  They are an inspiring group of young people doing good work on the campus and in the community.

Photo: Today Post #400 accepted a Green and Golden Globe award from Equity, Diversity, and Global Outreach for a Student Organization of the Year. Vice Commander Noah Avon also received the Student Veteran Scholarship. Pictured L-R: Calie Craddock, Shelby Moen, President Bresciani, Noah Avon, Gene Keller. Congratulations, Post #400!

Pictured L-R: Calie Craddock, Shelby Moen, President Bresciani,
Noah Avon, and Gene Keller

One of those young people, the Vice Commander of Post #400, is my son Noah.  Noah was awarded the Student Veteran Scholarship today.  He is doing good work with his comrades in Post #400 and with NDSU’s Military and Veteran Office.  I am proud of the way he has represented veterans and supported other members of the military and veterans in his time on the campus.

Congratulations Noah and Post #400 on being honored by NDSU.  I know that you know that the things you do every single day to help and connect with military members and veterans is worth more than a thousand awards, but I hope you will take time to revel, if only for a moment, in this recognition.  You make us proud…and when I say us, I mean your families, the campus, the community, and the state.  Keep changing the world with your service and commitment – this world could use a whole lot more folks like you. ;-)

Day one thousand three hundred and ninety-three of the new forty – obla di obla da

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2 Responses to Revel, if only for a moment, in this recognition…

  1. tim haering says:

    Rock on, Noah! SO few of us actually know a bona fide soldier, so anything you do to integrate soldiers in the community enriches everyone.

    For those about to rock – we salute you!

  2. B-dubya says:

    This comes a bit late, but is from the heart nonetheless: Congratulations for the recognition of all that you do for our veterans AND many thanks from all of us who appreciate that work more than you can imagine.

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