Thanks Town & Country For The Reminder…

I was scanning The Forum online today (InForum) and one of those advertisements that populate the online edition’s page caught my eye.  I must say, I am always a bit reticent to click on any of these advertisements based solely on curiosity as I know that some programming gizmo is capturing my every click and feeding it back into a complex marketing equation that helps personalize the advertisements I see when I visit regularly frequented websites.  Even though this targeted advertising makes perfect sense from both a retailer and consumer perspective, I still feel like they are looking a bit to closely at the nuances of my buying brain.  Alas, it is the reality of free website access and I can only handle one revolutionary shift at a time (see A better way…), so I will keep moving.

My point was to share with you the image of this advertisement because I so identified with it.  The woman’s sticky notes are representative of the dozens of little mental sticky notes I carry with me every day.  I imagine that others likely feel this is representative of their life as well.  We are, in our daily whirlwind, merely a collection of “to-do” items.


I do not know if Town & Country Credit Union can address all my “to-do” list issues, but I will say that their advertisement speaks to the part of me that would like some relief.  I do not know this credit union, but I am guessing that some of these “to-do” items are outside of their professional purview.  However, I imagine if they pay a great interest rate I could possibly earn enough from my savings to hire a personal assistant to professionally “do” some of the stuff on my never-ending list.  Who wants that job?  I can pay $20 a quarter.

Darn, I think I may need a new sticky note.  I need one that says – save more money so you can hire a personal assistant.  Thanks Town & Country for the reminder. 😉

Day one thousand three hundred and ninety-eight of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    “Earn more points by sleeving.” YOUr last line about a personal assistant reminded me of this goofy line from Steve Martin’s “Roxanne.” Though what one has to do with the other, only my random access brain knows. Maybe me eyes are to blame, but I don’t see the image you wanted to share. And Town and Country will forever be to me the bowling lanes where I spent my youth in Indianoplace, Indiana. BOMbada, BOmbada, Bombada and Cymbalcrash, attorneys at law. Some Johnny Carson jokes don’t work on paper. Surely you understand that? Of course I do, and stop calling me Shirley. Not a Carson joke, but it doesn’t work on paper, now does it?

    What was your point? Or mine? “I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.”

    Ciao for nao, Ms. C.

  2. Miki Tanner-Bendickson

    I haven’t seen a new post since May 5. Yours is the one blog I look for every day. Hope everything is okay.

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