Money To Burn…stupidity To Reiterate.

A federal judge blocked the ridiculous law that North Dakota legislators passed last session that sought to create the strictest abortion limitations in the nation.  The North Dakota legislators knew the legislation would face a constitutional  challenge, so they created a $400,000 defense fund.  To-date, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office has expended $155,000 defending the most recent law and $234,597 overall  (since 2012) on abortion related litigation.  Despite Stenehjem’s otherwise strong record of being able to effectively litigate to protect North Dakotans, there are some cases that are not winnable.

Come now, let’s be sensible about this.  I know the state has money to burn, but can’t we find better ways to burn it?  I can think of dozens of noteworthy programs that could use such funding.  How about throwing some of that seemingly disposable money at sex education programs?  How about educating toward the goal of reducing abortion as opposed to legislating and litigating toward it?

The new North Dakota legislation is not going to crack Roe vs. Wade.  All pursuing an appeal of the judge’s decision will do is reiterate the stupidity in the passage of such legislation to begin with.  This approach will not reduce abortion.

Legislators, be sensible.  You would not let the government reach into your gun cabinet and tell you what to do with your guns, but you want to reach into a woman’s uterus and tell her what she should do with it?  Plus, you want to add insult to injury by spending a whole lot of state money to facilitate your intrusion.  Can we talk fiscal responsibility? Can we talk about the public trust placed in you as a government representative and the expectations that go along with that trust?

The abortion legislation will not pass constitutional muster. Roe vs. Wade will not be changed by a Supreme Court review of North Dakota’s law.  The State of North Dakota should stop  wasting money and time on this futile enterprise. We have more important matters to focus on in the state (if you need a list of these important matters legislators, please feel free to contact me).  Move on Bette Grande…move on.

Day one thousand four hundred and five of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. kathleen

    nicely stated………….there are domestic violence prevention programs through out the state that could sure benefit from that money.

  2. tim haering

    I’m with you, Ms. C. Birth control helps prevent abortions. However, birth control would certainly increase sex among unmarried young folk, which the anti-abortion crowd also opposes.

    Legislators sensible? Hahahahahahahaha.

    They can’t even see that there is more to constitutionally protected life than mere biological existence.

    When I found we could have some brains
    I was the first in line, cause we were, like
    Dragging our knuckles along the ground

    Ever since, I’ve been convinced that every
    Sacred thought is mine, and you were still
    Dragging your knuckles along the ground

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