Miss Sparkle And The Third Closet…

Let me start with a confession – I do not find any joy in doing laundry.  I do it because I must.  My reaction to doing laundry is the equivalent of putting gas in the car – it is just something that must be done.

My laundry technique is not the most typical approach of gather-wash-dry-fold-put away.  My technique is more of a gather-wash-dry-take out a few things and hang them up-use dryer as backup dresser until needed again.  I have no compulsion to get everything out of the dryer when the buzzer goes off.  My technique has irritated family members for years, but I have not felt compelled to change it.

As a result of my technique, the clothing bar in the laundry room is always packed.  Almost immediately after I take a few handfuls of hanging items upstairs the bar gets filled up again with new things from the dryer.  I jokingly refer to the laundry room bar as my third closet and it pretty much functions as such.   While I recognize this is not ideal, I am okay with it.

Enter Miss Sparkle with her first school two hour late start of the semester.  She had two extra hours to burn this morning and she decided that she would use that time to help around the house.  Be still my beating heart – a teenager engaging in housework of her volition – it was a freakin’ September 10th miracle!   I worked on my computer in my office while she kept herself busy this morning. And then I heard her in the hallway huffing and puffing and muttering under her breath with exasperation, “Oh my gawd!”  It was then that I asked her what she was doing that was making her huff and puff.  She smiled and said, “Mom, you have a lot of clothes.”

I am telling you folks, my eyes got as big as saucers, the blood rushed out of my face, and I felt a little faint, but I still managed to say in a hushed whisper, “Cheyenne did you take the clothes of of my third closet?”  She was so excited and proud to tell me that she did exactly that.  Plus, she folded everything in the dryer and put it away.  She informed me that she put my items -the hanging and the folded – on my bed.

I rushed into my room to look and it was all there in piles distributed across the expanse of my bed.  I wanted to cry…or scream…or grab them up and put them back downstairs, but I didn’t want to do anything that would quash the generosity and goodwill Cheyenne had evidenced with her actions.  So all there was to do was to choke out a faint smile and a thank you.

The piles of clothing sat on my bed all day while she was at school and I was at work.   I will be spending a good chunk of time this evening trying to find places for the things now displaced from my third closet in my first and second closets.  I guess the purge from the other day was not a moment too soon.

Miss Sparkle offered to help me find places to put all the third closet items.  I told her I thought I could handle it (in truth, I am not at all sure where all that stuff is going).  She assured me that she will sit in my room and talk to me while I put all the clothes away.  Yet another act of generosity and goodwill – what’s to do but smile and say thank you?   😉

Day one thousand five hundred and twenty-six of the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    Happy ever after in the laundry place. You painted a lovely comic strip — part Cathy Guisewite, part Norman Rockwell. Everybody grew. Put the poig in poignant. Can’t wait to hear Clothing Purge (slight return). Standin’ next to a closet, clear it out with the edge of my hand. Here’s the melody, if you can’t hear it in your head like I can.

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